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Does anyone have one? I have one with no instructions, I have been told you just put your ingredients in and turn it on, leave it for 8 hours.
I have a sachet of Easiyo yogurt base to use but have heard that you can keep a couple of spoonfuls of the made yoghurt back to be a starter for the new batch you are making? Can anyone help? I have no idea but really keen to get started! Thanks smile

that sounds about right. i made yogurt in a thermos last week. 1.5L yogurt 250 ml natural yogurt, heat on stove to 45degrees put in thermos and fill to top. i also made it in a jar and kept next to oven wrapped in teatowel in thermal supermarket bag. Once you have made your yog, keep some to start your next batch as above. I assume you add your milk and starter and put in your maker which keeps it at correct temp.
Have fun with it!!
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