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If you were given one wish what would it be?! Lock Rss

For DD to not have ever been sick.
I would wish for more confidence/courage. I soo desperatly want to enrol for cert 3 and 4 in fitness next year but i am lacking the courage and confidence to go ahead with it. It consumes my thoughts day and night (yep i even dream about exercise lmao), yet i feel scared do go ahead with it.
For my health issues to disappear.... including the weight prob (battled with it since i was about 14).

That my DH didn't suffer depression and that his family would show us that they love us. If they gave back the 200k that would be great too! (it'd solve all our financial troubles!)

That my mum would take care of herself better.


If I only had one wish it would be that my children never go hungry, never have to struggle (as hard as we have had to lately) and have good healthy, happy lives.

Selfish bugger I know.... I just want for my kids!
simple answer.

To have my baby at home with me


To never had a premmie baby, & to deliver at 37 weeks instead of 28 weeks
I would wish for no parent to ever have to suffer when it comes to their kids - whether that be sickness or death. My heart aches when parents have lost so much and there's nothing that can be said or done to fix it!

(I'm surprised at the amount of people that say money!)

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