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Coles Online shopping?? Lock Rss

I was just wondering if you order online do you get the catalouge specials? Or are the online prices different? Also anyone use them are they good? Would love to hear what others think. smile
I haven't done the grocery shop online yet but thinking it might make life easier.

i love online grocery shopping. i have been doing i now for at least 8 months. so much easier than taking a toddler and a baby and finding a trolley to accomodate them and then put up with the tantrums and crying and needing to be fed in the middle of the shop!

i usually use woolies online though. i have tried the coles one but i find the woolies one more user friendly.

Coles online is my saviour is really honestly is!!!!!

I found online shopping when I was heavily pregnant with dd2 and basically imobile when I wasnt running after dd1 who was only 12 months old at the time.

You definately get the advertised specials as well as the "online only" specials which I have found to be a huge saving! For example, I got a huge 1.25kg tin of milo for $8.

You wont regret trying it!
my sister swears by it, she works full time aswell as owning boarding kennels, so she uses it more for the conveniiance factor than anything. and they deliver it between 6pm-9pm for her.
I saw advertised on the local newspaer that coles now do click and collect, so u order it online and pull up at the shop and they have shopped for u and load it un ur car!
I think I am going to love it and it will keep me sane. I have looked at the delivery days and decided that I will start next week, this week booked out.
It is really hard shopping with a toddler and being so pregnant. Even hard with a baby and a toddler I would imagine!
Thank goodness for the internet. smile

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