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i pod touch Lock Rss

Hi my DD who is 11 droped her ipod today and it cracked the screen she was so upset just wondering if anyone has had this happen and is that under warranty or do you have to pay,i got it at target at christmas time a few people have said even target that i should ring apple in the morninig and they should fix it for free.
Bummer its broken! But id doubt apple would fix it for free! Its not a phone fault.

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Yeah im excepting to pay for a new screen as it was her fault, but i was surprised that the lady at target said they should fix it for free ill ring and see what they say hopefully its not to much to fix.
Do you have contents insurance? If you do you might be able to claim it of you have accidentental damage cover.
id expect it to cost a fair bit. not sure if the screen for the touch and the iphone is the same but to fix the iphone one it cost us about $90 although that wasnt though apple.

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