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what time does ur 7yr old go to bed? Lock Rss

basically what the topic title asks lol; i think it maybe time to up the time our 7yr old goes to bed to 8pm just wondering what time others put their kiddies to sleep?
Our 5,6,&7yo's go to bed at 7pm! The 7.30 at the latest. We find they are too tired if they dont go to bed at this time and asleep by 7.30. They sleep for about 11 hours a night.
The eldest goes to bed at 9pm and hes 14. In school holidays not so enforced though.
My 7yr old goes to bed at 8.30pm and on school days wakes at 7am.

Cheers Ness

my 6 yr old goes to bed at 8pm on school nights, he sleeps for approx 11hrs, waking at around 7am which works well for our family.
you have to decide based on how long your child sleeps and what times work for your family.
if i keep my son up, he simply sleeps longer which means we have to rush to get ready in morning.
I don't have a 7 year old but I clearly remember my bed time being 8:30pm at 7 years old, I started school at 8:30am and needed to be up by 7:30am.
our kids go to bed at 7.30 maybe 8 if its a weekend or a good animal show is on or the younger ones had a sleep...

DS1 -7yrs sleeps about 11hours i wake him at 6.30 sometimes hes up at6
DS2 and 3 -almost 5 and almost 3 wake at approx 5am (6 is a sleep in) with ds3 waking several times a night still

i find if we are out or stay up really late.. the two little ones still wake at the same time anyway and are extra cranky... ds1 would sleep all day if he was up late.. then not want to go to bed the next night

I have 7 year old twins.
At the moment during the holidays they don't really have a bed time they go down between 9-9:30 but they are sleeping in till bout 10am.

when school starts back they will be in bed between 7:30-8 and have about 20 min reading time.
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