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Do you dress your kids to their gender? Lock Rss

DS is always in blue or silimar!! I've always dressed him like a dude - got a bit caught up in it I think! LOL Having said that, he'll sometimes want to wear my jewellery & go out wearing a necklace or something wink

no my boys are always in dresses LOL
Seriously, they have the odd shirt with pink on it , one has a pink shirt that he loves but I generally dont buy them they are hand me downs from a neighbour

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My girls wear every colour, except black and wear dresses, shorts, skirts, jeans... probably shorts & dresses most often in summer and live in jeans over winter.

They both love dressing up in a dress, bead necklaces, bracelets and carrying around their little purses with their "lippy" and waving wands about, both have several "fairy" dresses and love putting those on and dancing.

Guess they are girly girls smile
My DD is always in girly stuff...she loves it! She just turned 2 and LOVES wearing dresses and skirts...always dances around saying 'pretty dress'. and headbands and necklaces and bangles....she loves it!! smile
I only have boys so there aren't any "girly" clothes in this house. They mostly wear shorts, jeans, t-shirts but I don't like limit their choices to blues and dark tones. They are happy to wear all the colours of the rainbow! DS3 favorite colour atm is pink and he has longish hair which sometimes gets in his eyes and has been known to wear a headband. He has been mistaken for a girl on more than one occasion roll eyes
I only have girls here, but I don't really like pink or blue to be honest. smile I like colours! We only really buy clothes from the op shop, have hand me downs or have handmade clothes, so we don't have branded stuff (like wiggles for example). We have a mix of some feminine dresses (but not frilly girly dresses) and some girl tops but not barbie pink. Its mainly stripes/colours,bright flowers, toadstool pattern stuff.
I also let them pick their own clothes out. (provided its appropriate.) dd1 HAS to wear a dress for dancing though and the little one loves fairy wings and skirts.
Sort of, I have a lot of choices for Dd, shorts and sneakers etc but she will always pick out a dress or something pretty. Ds never goes for anything that is girly, when we play dress ups he wants the boys toys and costumes and I've never seen him want to wear a skirt! lol
I try to encourage Dd to wear shorts when I know she will be climbing etc because I don't want her undies showing and I'm sure it's more comfy that a dress or skirt.

They each play different gender games (army, tea parties) I try to have a balance without over thinking it all, it's got to stay fun! lol

I also hate licensed clothing, they have a few licensed toys here and there but I hate them wearing them.
the only knickers i buy are boy legs for my daughter who is 3 that way she can fling her legs around as much as she likes. also they are great for under skirts and dresses or shorts or if she wants to run around in knickers it doesn't really matter.....

i get them from postie plus in NZ
DD has both blue and pink clothes and is quite pretty in both, she also wears a lot of green and orange. I'm a sucker for anything with bunny rabbits on it so she has heaps of those outfits no matter what colour or style.
My girls have never been girly girls, although DD1 has recently expressed an interest in fairy wings and skirts and dresses whereas before she would just try and get them off. She wears a lot of pink, purple and red.

DD2 HATES dresses with a passion. You only need get one out of the closet and she screams and runs. We had two trial runs in a dress prior to the santa photo just so there wasn't an incident. She wears predominantly blues, greens and pinks.

DS, well, he wears little boy clothes, shorts and shirts etc. Mainly red, blue, white, green, orange.

So short answer - mainly no, a bit of yes smile
yes, My DD at a wee age of 15 months loves choosing her clothes everyday. most days its a good choice, but some I say no way. she has a couple of dresses for parties or going out to dinner etc, but other than that she has lots of cute girly clothes. ive even been letting her wear her really nice girly stuff to Daycare this week cause I knew with the rain they wouldnt be outside getting dirty,
As a previous post said before, I like kids in clean clothes when going out. I always change DD even if its the smallest thing cause I dont want her looking ratty. hehe
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