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when I was little, the Easter bunny came on Thursday night so they were there on good fri, my parents later explained to me that that way , we had the whole Easter holiday to eat our chocolate. I will be doing it this way for my children too.

my children are 2 1/2 and 1 1/2,
a medium sized rabbit each, my dd has 3 tiny little eggs that are put to look like a bunch of flowers, my ds has an extra little bunny, plus 6 hollow smallish eggs, that i will half between them,small hunting Easter eggs, and i also got them a big talking toy story toy each.

plus, i know grandparents will give them some too....... i plan on eating most of the above wink

The only problem for us if we were to do it on the Friday, we are Religious and good Friday is a day of church and you are only meant to eat Breakfast, lunch and dinner with no treats or snacks inbetween and no meat at all.

I have made some little packages up for my boys, who are aged 2.5 and 4. I bought them each a small Easter bucket thing, and filled it with their little gifts. This is what they each have:

1 Kinder Easter pack (the small $5 ones)
A couple of small Easter eggs (the chook egg sized ones)
1 larger egg
A small toy bunny (they love soft toys)
An iced Easter biscuit (the shrink-wrapped ones from Coles)
and two little pipe-cleaner chickens.

I also have one bag of small solid eggs to hide around the yard for them on Easter Sunday.

We will go to church on Good Friday, and do our thing with my husband's family, which will be dinner. My parents are away (they have left us lots of chocolate though!), but I'll be seeing my grandparents on Easter Sunday. DH has to work on Sunday, so we might give the kids their Easter things on Saturday, and do their egg hunt, so he can be here too.
We are pretty lucky and DS doesnt like too much chocolate, so we will be doing an easter egg hunt and i have a crate of 6 eggs, and a bag of small solid eggs, and that is it, in the way of chocolate. I will be getting him a couple of books and a pair of PJ's. DS' birthday is on Easter Saturday, so he will get more than enough gifts/treats smile

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