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Can someone please smack me in the head Lock Rss

happy to help....

Now about that glass of wine????

Ill have an extra one for you, though by the looks of it it wont be long until you an have one yourself, goodluck for the next couple of weeks xx

I need slapping too lol, my youngest (of 3) is only 12 weeks & DF is planning on getting the snip which means no more bubs for me and for some reason the thought of never holding another newborn of my own is making me desperately want another - even though I swore all through my last pregnancy that there was no way in hell I was ever having another bub.



It's 2.18am and my 22 month old who STILL does not sleep through is up yet again, as is my 7.5 month old.

Does that help?
don't be so hard on yourself!

Who knows maybe sometime soon you will meet mr right and can have another baby!

Ok, sorry, i'm not helping.

*SLAP SLAP* do you like backhanders *SLAP*

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

Ok after sitting up the hospital until 2:30 this morning with a violently ill 18 month old and having about 5 loads of bedding to wash today thanks to the for-mentioned child and then being woken by a darling 4 year old at 4:20 with mum I am wet (yay considering he slept in MY bed as I was in the baby's room) so I now have that bedding to add to my wash, they are sitting in the lounge room alternating between fighting (screaming) and playing on an xylophone and maraca's while I am trying to stop my head from exploding (I think caused mainly by lack of sleep) so NOPE not clucky in any way shape or form at this moment and would be happy to provide two little entertainers to anyone that thinks they need some form of mild (life changing) contraception
lol lol

Leigha''s little men smile

Well the gods sent me a sign last night, DD 4 refused to sleep in her own bed, spent a quality 1.5hours SCREAMING from her bedroom because i wouldn't let her in my bed. She has however been absolutely beautiful today....hmmmm mixed signals much lol.

Dont know why I am even entertaining the idea so NOT going to happen


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