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Burst eardrum Rss

i just wanted to say i'm so sorry this happened to your lil girl. The poor thing, i hope she feel better real soon!

Can i just ask what causes a ruptured eardrum?

In mini chick's case she got a cold a few weeks ago. Doctor said that during this cold she got a build up of fluid behind her eardrum and it never got released so the pressure kept building up. She then got ear infections (in both ears actually) and obviously that was the straw that broke the camel's back and bam there you go poppity pop. It's pretty ordinary. I didn't realise how common it was though.
Oh I had lots of ear trouble as a kid.... its so awful! It's one of the worst types of pain as you just can't switch off from it. I remember also getting dizzy, listening to people talk & it sounded like I was under water & just being completely miserable. I especially hated the eardrops as mum kept them in the fridge and the coldness of it hurt my ears. I had 2 burst ear drums - both burst on the same day and had to get grommets in. I had recurrent ear infections for my entire childhood & thankfully grew out of it as I got older.

Something I wish mum had done was to explain to me what was happening. I never actually knew why I had to have ear drops & when I went into hospital I was petrified - they wheeled me round to theatre without anyone telling me what was happening and then I thought I was being attacked by a man who was putting a black mask over my face - I screamed and kicked and thrashed til I went unconscious! (it was gas of course).

I feel so sorry for your little one! I had trouble for my whole childhood and now have a phobia of putting my ears underwater.. My eardrums are really scarred and drs tell me its highly likely that I will have trouble hearing as I get older- I already have a slight hearing loss but it doesn't really affect me too bad yet.

Just keep up the panadol and nurofen... you can give both just space them out by giving the nurofen a few hours after panadol and that way you have good coverage when the panadol is wearing off. We do this at the hossie for kids and its perfectly safe as both panadol and nurofen work through different pathways to each other, which therefore makes it highly effective for pain. You could replace the panadol with painstop if your little one is really is pain- painstop has codeine in it as well. And you can also give painstop as well as nurofen. Hope that helps! Sorry bout the essay!

She is now REALLY unhappy sad I've given her nurofen and the antibiotics and drops and she just won't settle. And yes, I have explained to her what's going on, as I put the drops in etc. I'd hate to not know what's going on too.

Does it affect the hearing??

We had actually been invited to my niece's birthday party tomorrow but I'm 99% sure we'll be staying here......She's a bit precious at the best of times so I don't think it's a good idea. Plus I'm not sure if the noise level would bother her??? Is anyone able to tell me if it DOES actually affect how she is hearing??

Thanks smile
i have had numerous ear issues sad They REALLY hurt so it's no wonder the poor chick is so unsettled. Just wondering if she is old enough to have pain stop yet? That stuff is gold in situations like this, reccomended to me by dr for dd when she was having issues.

You can get it from the pharmacy without a script, she may need to be 2yo though :/ Poor poppet, hugs and kisses xx

ETA - Her hearing will be affected now, probably she will find it hard to hear others but her own voice will sound REALLY loud. However, unless there are complications it won't be permanent.

Hey hun smile

Mychild hasn't had a burst eardrum but I know I did when I was younger lol

There are no symptoms of course, maybe just an earache. When mine burst there was blood and yellow discharge all over me ( sorry if TMI!! ) It's nothing to worry about, well it wasn't in my case, I just got some eardrops and some antibiotics and that was it smile Nothing dramatic happened to my hearing at all, though I do hear better out of my right ear than my left.
Her hearing will be affected now - I remember lots of weird LOUD gurgling noises and listening to people talk was like putting your head underwater. That being said - it was weird because if we had've gone somewhere that had loud noises, like if a child screamed it would really hurt.

If you do go to the party it might be a good distraction - but she might just want to sit quiet with you somewhere and hope that the kids don't yell and scream too much.

Poor thing i highly recommend pain stop but very expensive cost me $22. DS is on it as he has red ear drums thanks to a virus it is meant for over 1's DS is just a month under.
I'm going to have to look for some of this painstop stuff, I've never heard of it! Until now of course.

She seems better this evening but if it's anything like last night I'll be lulled into a false sense of security lol.

Thanks all for the hearing info too. After today having her just randomly screaming and hanging off me for an hour I've decided not to take her. It's just going to be too hard with the other 2 as well as her and trying to keep track of everything when I know she will just want me to hold her the whole time.
Yep painstop is great.... however constipation can be caused by codeine so make sure you give her lots of fruit if she'll eat it!

Thanks chicks smile RedRainbow hope your littlie escapes any further eary nasties and that she's all healed up from this one smile
Hello, my 3 yo is about to have grommets in and have her tonsils and adenoids removed (I've just set up a thread asking for advice). She has had ear infections since before she was 12 months old and then tonsilitis began as well last year. Continual infections and antibiotics, and the ears, nose and throat are all connected of course so all the infections tend to go from ears to throat or throat to nose, in her case.

In our case, she has also been snoring and wheezing - because her tonsils are just so inflamed most of the time and so it affects her breathing. Has affected her sleeping and behaviour, too, I'm sure.

We have been very lucky in our ENT specialist, really recommend that you get a referral and then you can ask all the questions you need to and understand it all better, because of course every child's case will be different. I hope this helps.

We are looking forward to better sleep when the recovery period is over! Crossing fingers.

Hope that your little one is much better soon, it's so hard when they're unsettled and you're worried. Hope she sleeps well tonight.
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