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Do you have much to do with your brother/sisters? Lock Rss

As above. Do you? I have an older sister and a younger brother. My sister and I wernt close when we were younger, usual sisterly rivalry. She got married quite young andI was in my teens so really never got close however over the last 2-3 years we've really gotten close and we both enjoy each others company. I was very close to my younger brother however when I got a boyfriend and got married we lost that closeness now we dont talk much but he has his own issues. I'm very close with my SIL thouhg.
I have two brothers, one whose 5yrs older than me who I've never been really close too, but now we're back in the same town i speak to and see more often. My younger brother is only 17months younger than me and we are very close. My DS adores him and he gets on well with my partner aswell.
I have one sister, 4 years older, and we have always been close. I consider my BIL to be the brother I never had, and he and my DH are also very close (DH is closer to BIL than his own brother but that's another story ....). We live 2 hours away from each other but see each other fairly regularly. Her kids and mine are also very close, and we intend to keep it that way. Family is very important to me, but not everyone is like that. My DH and his family are not very close at all - if they visit everyone usually just sits around watching TV as they don't know how to talk to each other - very boring for me as my family and I don't ever shut up!!
My brother (who is 2.5 years older than me) and I fought terribly when we were younger, its a wonder we didn't kill each other! blink But just in the past few years we have become closer. I seem to be the only one that can tell him to "get himself together" without getting yelled at in our family now! lol!

I have an older step-brother (been my step-brother for 16 years, my Mum re-married) whom I adore. Him and his wife are lovely and have 2 children. Can tell him anything and hes always there when I need him.

My older step-sister (also my step-sister for the past 16 years, my Mum re-married) and I don't speak anymore. I have NOTHING to do with her at all. She is the most self obsessed, jealous and horrible person I know. She has 2 boys and it saddens me that I don't see them. sad

I have a younger step-brother (been so for 18 years, my Dad re-married) and he and I get along great. He lives a fair distance away so we hardly see each other. He has 2 boys who are just gorgeous!

Also my younger step-sister (been so for 18 years, my Dad re-married) and I get along fine too. Don't see each other much, but when we do its like no time has passed. She got married just last year so hopefully when her and her DH have kids - which should be soon - we will become closer.

I have 1 brother who 14 years older than me. We do talk but you kinda have to start the conversation with him.
I see him about once a week depends on what we both doing.

I have 2 younger sisters (19 & 8) and 2 younger brothers (20 & 17). I'm very close with my sisters, especially the older one, she stays with me alot when DH is away. We have only become really close in the last 2yrs since she was a bridesmaid at my wedding! The younger one comes over alot aswell, her and my DD are more like sisters...

My brothers are another story haha. I barely speak to either of them because I don't like the way they behave and treat other people and go around thinking they are invincible and hot sh!t. I'm positive they will both end up in jail at one time or another blink
My sister is 10 yrs older than me so growing up we didnt really relate but now ive grown up we have gotten closer and closer. Unfortunately she lives in the UK so i havent seen her in 8 years and we both had our first child within a year of each other and really wish we could be there for each other. We speak everyday online and once a week on Skype.

Brother 1 is 7 years older than me and we have an terrible past together. He used to be an abusive drugo and attacked me when i was 16 and unfortunately that has put a HUGE strain on our relationship. We talk and see each other ofter (he lives 1.5 hrs away) but its awkward most the time. I think he tries because he feels guilty.

Brother 2 is 2 years older than me and when we were kids we played together heaps then hit teens and fought alot and now we are both adults, i think hes an absolute f***wit. Hes become a selfish moron and im the only one in our family whos game enough to say it to him. He lives 1.5hrs away and i havent seen him in 18mths and am quite happy not to for a long time.

Majority of the time my family is very VERY overrated..

i have 2 biological brothers who i dont really talk to at all. it is not that we dont get along it more that i am very different to them and dont have anything in common with them. i am very close to my sil though.

i have 2 step sisters and i am very close to the oldest one and kinda tolerate the younger.
I get along really well with my two brothers now that we're older, and especially since I had Sam, he brought a real spark into our family wub. Used to fight like cats and dogs but it's great now smile I just wish my middle brother never moved away, we do chat just about every day online though.
I also have 3 step-siblings and we all get along really well. My eldest step sister is such a gem, she's totally in love with my kids (I'm the only one with children out of the 6 of us so far... until July smile) So I see her regularly. Step-brother I see occasionally and we get along pretty good and the youngest I grew up with... we are exactly a week apart in age and lived across the road from each other from birth. She moved away and we sort of grew apart a bit but we've always been really close, right through school which was great. Again wish she was down here so we could be as close as we used to be, but we chat online regularly.

I have 2 brothers - one is 4 years younger than me. We were close growing up but our parents divorced when I was 14 and he went to live with mum and I stayed with dad. We had really different upbringings from then on - my dad was well off, lived in a nice suburb, I went to private girls school. Mum moved in with her alcoholic boyfriend and they lived in really rough areas, my brother went to state schools (in said rough areas) and socialised with loser kids who were into drugs and all sorts. So we ended up going our own ways in our teen years. He's 30 now and I haven't seen him in about 2 years. He doesn't have a lot to do with my parents (nor do I really) and only contacts them when he needs money. I find it really hard to hold a conversation with him as we really have nothing in common.

My other brother is 17 years younger and I haven't had a lot to do with him. I used to spend a bit of time with him when he was a little boy. Take him on playdates, to the movies etc but they lived about 2 hours from me when he was growing up and I haven't lived in the same state as them for about 8 years now.

I'm quite close to my BIL and his gf but they live interstate as well, but dh and I keep in regular contact and try and see each other when we can.

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

I have a older brother who is 4 1/2 years older than me. We used to fight like mad when we were growing up. It really wasnt untill Oakley was born that our relationship got better, he loves his nephew but i wish he would make more of an effort to come and see him/visit us, he only lives about a 10 minute drive away. I moslty see him if we are at mum n dads at the same time or on facebook LOL. I feel like i do all the ringing and messaging and we still do fight but i tell him what i think now LOL i never used to when i was younger!

I have an older sister who I am very close to. Always have been. Even though she gives me the s!*ts sometimes lol. We only live 20min drive from each other. Our kids are really close too.
I have a younger brother who I am very close to as well. Even though he lives 12 hrs drive away we talk on the phone regularly and I see him as much as I can. I am going to be a bridesmaid at his wedding in Nov which I am really looking forward to.
I also have a younger half brother and younger half sister (same Dad) who I am not that close to. There is a big age gap and we didnt grow up together. Probably see each other a couple of times a year and get along OK.
Then I have 2 older step brothers. Not that close to them either, but when we do get together on the rare occassion we all get along great.
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