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Need advice re teenage sister Lock Rss

Have to get off the computer soon. Basically mum won't let my sister go on the pill because she thinks it will lead to her becoming pregnant. My sister has really bad periods and the pill may help plus she is having sex. I fell pregnant with DD at 16 and mum still has issues with it 4 years on. We have both tried talking to mum but she is so stubborn. When i was my sisters ages mum said im not allowed on the pill till im 18 which was one of the factors which led me pregnant with DD. I want to help but not get to involved IYKWIM. My sister can go on the pill herself being 16 but she knows if mum finds out she would be in worse trouble. Any advice would help we have no idea what to do.
I think her being on the pill would be a responsible decision to make and if that means going behind your mothers back to be responsible for herself i would say do it. I know your mother may be upset if she found out but im sure she would be more upset if she came to her saying she was pregnant. She is old enough to access the pill therefore she is old enough to make the decision to take it
I think your sister needs to find out if the Depo shot or implanton would have the same effect on her periods...I think they might but Im not sure. These options would be a better option because she wouldnt have to remember daily and they might make your Mum feel more confident that she wont fall pregnant. At the end if the day your sister has to do the best for her own health and legally your mum cant control her health care because she is 16 but if your sister can find a method that both helps her and makes mum happy then that would be the best option all round.

I didn't think you needed parental consent? I went to the Dr age 16 and had the implant inserted without even telling my mum. Part of getting older learning to be responsible for contraception.. the sooner the better I say!

I understand you do not want to go against your mum and make life harder for your sister in the process, but sometimes adults are completely unreasonable! And it sounds like this may be how your mum is acting. I suppose the way she sees it if she allows the pill it will be as good as her saying "sure go off and have sex", which clearly she doesn't want. I went on the Pill at 15 to regulate my period, which my dad had a real issue with. I didn't have sex until 18 and had no plans to at 15 but it is just the idea I think, of what it represents. It can be seen as a stepping stone, when really it is there to protect women.

But your sister is able to legally access the pill without consent for a reason. And I believe that a 16 year old should be able to have the right to choose whether or not to have sex, and whether or not to use contraception.

There is a new IUD called Mirena I think? It releases hormones like the pill. Maybe she could look into that.
I think its a wrong decision not to let her go on the pill if u can prevent a pregnancy at her age, and the pill may help her. Your mum clearly does not approve so even getting her the pill and your mum finding it wud b worse personally i would look into implanon or mirena that way its in there for yrs even the injections would b hard as she would have to go to docs without her knowing, but im sure ul do the rite thing to help her out. Good luck
Just looked up Mirena, it is pretty good and can be removed at any time, but it said studies have centred on women who have previously had a child. So there have been no studies on it for someone in your sisters position, so it is not recommended for her. Also, I HATE the thought if an iud or anything up there so I imagine your sister, if she is 16, would feel exactly the same. Sorry!
Do you think you could convince your mum to go to the dr's with your sister and talk with the dr about this. Im sure the dr will reinforce you are trying to tell her- that it will actually help to protect against pregnancy rather than increase its chances! And its also for health reasons.

Thanks for all the ideas. Mum even refuses to go with her to the doctors about the heavy periods as she knows they will recommended the pill.
Can you take her without your mum knowing? I'd be pushing for mirena or implanon as there is no ongoing costs and no pills lying around to be found.

Your sister can go to the doctors and get/fill her own prescriptions and whatnot now that she is 16 so get her to go without your mum. She's being responsible and your Mum is being unrealistic about teenagers in this generation. Good on you for doing the right thing by your sister.
As the mum of 2 teenage daughters (15 & 17yrs) I'd be taking your sister to the doctor yourself no matter what your mum thinks. Whether we like it or not, teens these days are having sex much more than most parents realise!!

Both my girls are on the pill, not only to help with heavy painful periods (poor buggers get that from me) but also to protect them from falling pregnant in the first place. We all know what being a hormonal teenage girl is like and a lot of the time teens don't stop to think about the consequences of their actions until it's too late....personally I sleep better at night knowing that at least if my girls do have sex they are somewhat protected.

Don't get me wrong, the thought of my teenagers having sex doesn't impress me one little bit, but I'd much rather they were informed and responsibly using contraception, than have them come home pregnant.

Your sister is 16 and can legally make her own choices regarding her health care without a parent's consent....whilst I can see why your mum isn't happy with the idea, she also needs to realise that using contraceptives doesn't automatically mean that your sister will run out and about having sex at every chance she just means that she is maturing as a young woman and is taking responsible steps to ensure she is looking after her own sexual health.

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