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Age when you had your 1st?? Lock Rss

I was wondering how old the majority of mums here were when they had their first bub?? I fell pregnant at 19 & had dd1 at 20 smile thanks

I fell pregnant with DS1 at 18, had him at 19 and DS2 when I was 21 smile
Pregnant and had DS at 19.
Had DD at 21 and now currently 25 and pregnant with # 3
I was 25 when I had my first
26 when I had my last
I should have mentioned, I was 23 when I fell preg with DD2 & am 26 expecting #3 smile

22 with DD1 and 24 with DD2.
I was 24 when I had ds1 and 25 when I had ds2

DS came a month after my 23rd b'day
DD 24
this one i'll be 27
I was 27 When I had DD and 29 when I had DS
I had DD1 at 17, DD2 at 20 smile
I was 31 when i had little master
I was 33 whenn i had little man

27 for dd1, 29for dd2.
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