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Whats your worse habit? Lock Rss

Mine would have to be getting undressed in odd places around the house so we end up with pants in the hallway, or the loo. unsure its gotten so bad now I'm very heavily pregnant that DH jokes about clothing spawn points in our house.

ine is proberly kicking off my shoes in random places then not being able to find them so I might do one in the lounge and the next in the kitchen lol
I do a bit of that- just take them off wherever I am- easy!

One worst habit would be buying prams or asking if I can buy a pram laugh

Um, I think I tease DH way too much even though it's in jest.

My worst habit would defs have to be my diet though- and I'm studying Nutrition so I should really start behaving!

Biting my nails unsure its horrible & gross & awful but i just cant kick it....been doing it for 20years now, started when i was about 3!!
Leaving my wallet in random places, I found it onto of the toliet shelf this morning
Mine is not eating properly or eating junk when I'm bored and not hungry!
Mine is eating bad food and way too much of it. And biting my nails lol..
Gossiping sad I try so hard not to and regret every time I do it!! It's such a bad thing to do...I'm getting there! Oh by the way, did you hear....

Oops wink

probably sitting on the computer when ihave other things to do like the dishes laugh
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