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Loss of a pet while pregnant Rss

This saturday just gone my adored kitten/cat Pixel met her maker. My partner/Baby on the ways daddy got her for me for christmas. I chose her and was meant to go back and get her at a later point when she was a little bigger. He went and got her early and had her curled up in the car when he came to collect me i was ecstatic she felt like she was my " Fur baby " so she was special right from the get go.

I have found it incredibly hard to cope with the loss. she was trouble but in a cheeky easily forgiven way. She followed me everywhere and i had a very tight bond with her while i have been pregnant her company has been amazing especially on the days i have been sick or gone to bed early while partner was at work or hanging with his mates - im not a people person she was happy to sleep draped accross my arms or be cuddled.

On sunday i went to the cats protection league and adopted another cat. He is lovely I didnt want to feel like i was replacing her completly but giving a mistreated/unwanted cat a good home. hes helping me cope with being home alone durning the day i dont really like going out my partner and i chose him together hes warming up to us and hes extreemly affectionate.

Has anyone else lost a pet they have been really attached to while pregnant and found it really difficult to cope. Any feedback is appreciated or other stories i dont know why but its having a bit of a snowball affect and its making me worried about how im going to cope with the stress of a baby.
We lost our beautiful family cat while I was pregnant. Then over Christmas my SIL bought her kids a kitten from the RSPCA. She soon discovered that not only did she hate cats (always had) but that the kids were too young to realise the harm they were putting the poor thing through by being rough and that she was strongly allergic. I was spending alot of time with the kitten as at the time my DP was living with his sister and the suggestion to give the kitten back to the RSPCA came up. It was actually my DP who got really emotional and didnt wan't to give the kitten back so we called my parents in Canberra and asked if they would take him. DP and I felt the kitten had shared our pregnancy (and sat by me on the batroom floor with morning sickness) and I couldn't lose another friend that had comforted me when no one else was around. The kitten is now a cat and loving life with my parents and 10 year old sister and i think mum likes to think our past kitten is living through him.

Sorry long story but I think its similar. I also had a plant that died and I cried fo days wondering how I would look after a baby...needless to say the baby consumes every corner of my thoughts and i would never forget to "water" him. smile
Its nice to know im not putting my partner through unessessary emotions.
We love our rescued kitty - i still feel bad getting another cat so soon but i know he was dumped on a doorstep so i am happy knowing im giving him a home that hes really really enjoyed so far hes trusted me so quickly and often meows to be patted.

Kittens in a pet shop arent any less deserving, but a rescued cat from the protection league the money i paid for him goes towards helping them care for the other kittens there
i lost my cat that id had for 16yrs when i was pregnant with #2 and it set me off big time..hubby was getting really worried for a while there lol poor man. i think being highly emotional anyway combined with hormones, sleep deprevation and looking after my (at the time) 14month DD was all too much for me. but i think i would have reacted similar even if i wasnt pregnant at the time..its aways hard loosing a pet, for me my pets are part of my family and its really heartbreaking. X
we lost our dog. she was on a chain, out of her play pen area, and she decided to jump over the fence to get back into her play pen area....

the chain wasnt long enough, and i tried so hard to lift her up so the chain around her neck would give a bit so she could breathe, but that wasnt easy being 35 weeks pregnant (she was a solid build bull terrier) once she stopped squriming and had passed out i broke down in a heap and just cried and cried and cried. i felt terrible for not being about to lift her enough to save her unsure sad

My goodness thats really heartbreaking, its weird i checks pixels tag a few days earlier something was bugging me about it and i wanted to make sure it could be read i remember rubbing the tag and having this weird feeling like she wasnt guno be here much longer. Im still convinced she knew she got very cuddly and clingy the days leading up to her getting run over its a little comforting that she went out of her way to find me and snuggle with me its something i can keep. Our new additon follows me everywhere hes always scouting me out too
My wife found it absolutely wonderful to cope with the loss of our black labrador 2 years ago with a wonderful pet portrait smile a funny one to be more precise.

After that I came up with an idea and I created a portal where you could upload your pet picture and professional digital artists will convert it into a beautiful pet portrait, which could then be cherished on your wall forever. I am going to attach 2 portraits below.

I really hope I'm not breaking any policy by posting this. I just think laughter helps with pain. Anyone else feel the same way?

The rest of the templates can be viewed at

Thank you, I really hope this helps with your grieving. Have a wonderful day sleep

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