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Un fortunately I suffer from ecxzma sad and pretty much every soap, shower gel, washing powder and now dishwashing liquid irritates my skin.
( great excuse for getting out of doing dishes) lol

Does anyone know of a dishwashing liquid that I can either buy or make

It has gotten to the point where my hands are almost bleeding sad. So i would like it to be super sensitive but at the same time work well on dishes and bottles.

Any advice will be much appreciated
nope nothing exists (well not that i have found)you will have to wear gloves i have the same problem
my girlfriend had this prob, she used to make her own dishwashing liquid from scratch, from binn inn, nz. i think she got recipe from google or ecostore.
I have seen the soap nuts thinking about getting some, how do you use them?
I was going to say try soapnuts too. For the laundry you just chuck them in, but I think to make it into a liquid you boil them.
I get eczema/dermatitis on my hands too, so painful!! I haven't solved the dishwashing liquid problem, I just wear gloves BUT I have stopped using Johnson's bath products on my baby, as she gets eczema too and people suggested stopping using it, and my hands have totally cleared up!! Who knew...
I also get eczema, as well as developing an allergy to foaming soaps such as dishwashing liquid. Unfortunately there isn't really a substitute, but it is manageable by wearing gloves. I've also needed to cut out shower gels and bubble baths sad not just for me, but for the kids too if I am helping bath them. And wearing gloves for shampooing. It has all made a huge difference.

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

try nutrimetics OLC ( use it to wash yourself too) or buy a dishwasher!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Both my boys have sensitive skin and I suffer with psoriasis and I found enjoy have a washing liquid, dish washing liquid and a hand wash ( I use in the boys bath) and these have been amazing for our skin.

We use MADE OF dish soap. It's great for washing bottles and it is all natural and organic, so it is perfect for sensitive skin.
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