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Im wanting to go back to my old job after bubs born. Which is in the mining industry.
The problem we face with me doing that is child care.
As they dont do night-care.
With mining you are usually on a roster of days and nights.
It wouldn't be too bad if we could work it in such a way that one was home during the night and bub can go to day care during the day.

Has any one else had this trouble with night shift and having some one look after bub??
we are looking to move from Warwick qld to around emerald backwater area. so im not quite sure what the day care offers. also wouldnt hurt to see how long their waiting list is either lol
what sort of nihgt shift do you do.?

i was smashed after my nights they were 7 till 7 and i would sleep all day. so i dont know if it would be a good idea having a small kids running around house while i sleep or my partner id be worried that they would drown or get out of the house or something
I grew up with dad working full time and mum is a nurse working shift. How she got around this was sharing child care with a fellow nurse. Mum would look after the other nurses children and she would look after me. Is this something you could look at doing?

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