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Christmas presents Rss

Just wondering how many presents everyone buys for there kids these days.
With me having a few kids its quite expensive.

They dont get a lot really, but by the time all the relatives give them gifts, they have done pretty well.
So how many? And whats to much or not enough?
Depends how old they are. Im not buying my son any presents. He will be 8-9 months by christmas so Im just getting him clothes. My mother inlaw and my mother have spent well over $800 on my son so Im waiting until after christmas and seeing what they get him.

up to 10years old. My friends that have older kids said they buy them a few bigger presents then just a bunch of small presents so it looks like heaps
Too much blink

And yet...there is still more to come <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
last chrissy we got the kids way too much. so much so that i ended up pulling a few presents back cos it was getting embarrassing getting them called up all the time to collect their presents lol.

this year they get one big joint present (swingset) one big individual present (basketball ring, some kind of doll) and then stocking fillers like dvds etc.

it is ds 4th birthday in a fortnight and it looks like i have gone overboard again so may do the same and hold some back. it's hard cos you want to give them all the things they would love but we are finding the more they get, the less they enjoy as there is jsut too much.
Thats it isnt it, you want to get them what they want but dont want to spoil them to much as they expect it every year. And the older mine get the more expensive it gets.
Although they do all donate 1 present they get to kids that have nothing.
We do that every year.
So they understand that some kids have nothing, and how lucky they are to get what they get.
Since our family celebrate 2 days of Xmas they get extra presents. Hubby family is austrain so they celebrate on xmas eve so both boys will get 2 presents each from us. Then Xmas day FIL comes over and the boys will get a present each. Then in the afternoon my mum and brother come over where they will open 2 presents each.

I start buying presents in June and has hubby says i plan everything for these 2 days.

Mine get 4 presents from us spread over 2 days. Christmas day they get a present from Santa (a boardgame) that they open at our house then we go to one side of the family for Christmas day. There they get a present from us and a present from their sibling. On Boxing day we see the other side of the family (alternates each year) and we give them a small gift from DH and I then too. In total we spend about $100-$120 for their presents.

I hate to say it but my son has way too many Xmas presents. I keep seeing things while I'm out at the shops and think "DS will love that" so I buy it. Though since his bday is in march I am planning on saving half of what I get him for his birthday. At least that's how I'm justify it lol. I am planning on having another baby one day so the amount of pressies each baby gets will change.

When my brother and I were little our parents had a budget of about $200 and we were told we could either get one big present or lots of little presents.
It depends each year with how much is spent. When they were first born it wasn't much at all. Last year they got a big present each then other little things. This year they're getting a joint present (tramp) a big present each then some other little things then some stocking fillers from santa. Each year they also get things they need like clothes. By the time we pay off laybys and get everything it will be close to $1000 spent. Last year it would of only been a couple of hundred. This year we have gone a little over board and next year won't be as big!

Christmas is certainly a time when you don't have any spare cash huh As my kids are getting older, dd is 7, twin dd's are 6 and ds will be 11 months, I am certainly noticing how expensive christmas is. This year the kids are getting 1 big pressie each and probably about 10 little pressies. The little pressies are things like hair stuff, crafts and clothes. I just wrap the little things individually so they have more to open laugh My kids ask santa for 1 big present each.
My kids understand as well that others are less fortunate than themselves and love to choose a present for a little kid thier age under the christmas wishing tree.
I tend to go really overboard at xmas lol the last couple of years I have spent $800 - $1000 on DD and the only 'large' pressie she got was a tramopline lol blink blink

That makes for alot of presents haha I don't buy a set number, I just buy what I think she will love... The living room is always full of pressies and it's so miuch fun! That's how xmas was for me as a child so I love to have the same for my kids...

This year I have DS who will be 9 months, he will get heaps of stuff too but I will probably cut the cost back on DD a bit or DH will kill me laugh

The kids will also get spoilt heaps by grandparents/great grandparents/aunties etc so yeah they will have way too much stuff!

This year I'm going to buy a few gifts to put under the wishing tree smile
Dd will get 2 pressies from us, or 3 if they're small things. Last year she got a swing set and I considered that a pretty extravagant gift. We could go overboard - I can see how easy it happens. But after the carry on that happens every year with both my family & dhs family we are very firmly set on dd being taught the value of family over gifts.

I'm not too pleased that this year she will be getting loaded up with pressies from dhs family seeing as we are going to visit them....

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