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I was just wondering what kind of car everyone drives?

I have a clean 2000 model AU Ford Falcon that I love and is really spacious for a sedan. My DF drives a 92 model Nissan Skyline R32.

DO you find your car is big enough for your family?
Atm we have some form of magna ( yuck ) BUT suprisingly it is really roomy and a great car to drive..fingers crossed DF will KEEP this one more than a few days lol

DF would be jealous of your partners car, he loves skylines tongue
We have a 2006 lancer. I love it, great to drive. For us there is enough room but with the two carseats there's not much room for anyone in the back so they have to be super small.

I drive a 2009 Subaru Forester & DH has a 2000 Subaru Forester. I find they are exactly the right size for us, athough mine is a little larger than DH's which is nice. And the height is the best thing at the moment considering how giant my belly is right now & I still have 8 weeks to go gasp
We've got a Toyota Highlander Or Kluger I think they are called in Australia, absolutely love it - it's perfect with heaps of seats and boot space, DH drives a old Hiace to work.
Holden Commodore VZ Executive 2004 wink
I drive a 2006 mazda 6 and love it. It auto and so easy to drive.
Hubby drives a nizzan Xtrail, it's his work car and we take it when we go on holiday since it got heaps of room for bags and baby stuff.

double sorry

We've got an '05 Magna wagon - I love it! It's great to drive, fits 3 car seats in the back, and there's heaps of space in the boot (is that what it's called in a wagon??).
I drive a 2008 Suzuki Swift and hubby drives a 2009(?) Isuzu D-Max. Whilst hubby's car is nicer to drive, mine is easier for me when it's just DD and I as its not so big and the pram doesnt have to be taken apart and put in its travel bag so it doesn't get dirty. After Christmas, we have to upgrade my car though because we've moved to the rural area and with the wet season starting, I won't be able to get my little Suzi through the creeks when they flood sad

I drive a VE SSV Holden Commodore sedan although wish some days we had of bought the wagon and DH drives a VT Acclaim Holden Commodore.
I drive a ford territory. Its great with a crap load of kids.
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