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Do you feed your baby coke? Lock Rss

I met a friend in town the other day and with our lunch she ordered coke and let her 9month slurp from the straw several times, maybe I am a bit fussy but I was horrified and thought to myself - I'm never going to let DD have coke at that age, IMO even 5 is too early to have coke.

Do you let your kids have coke?

What age is too young for coke?
No way! We shouldnt even be drinking it.
My kids never got any soft drink till they were 2yrs old and they didnt even get cake till their first birthdays. Even now they only get soft drink when at mil and fil's for dinner.

i have a friend that is the same, my dd is 3 and a half n i dont let her have coke or much soft drink for that matter as i believe its too young
No way! We have told our girls that coke is for big people. They will not be getting it anytime soon.
WOW No! Never. 9 months is way too early for me.
DS1 is 3 and a half yrs old and has probably had it maybe once or twice and that is only because my FIL gives him anything he wants but it was diet coke.
No way!!

The only special drink DD gets is 2 teaspoons of Milo with milk in the morning!! And the only reason she gets that is because she wont eat breakfast.

Im not sure when the right age will be, thankfully we dont really drink fizzy drink unless its for a special occasion so its never around.
No way. Coke rots a childs teeth. once they rot their baby teeth they will also have major problems with their adult teeth. I feel really sorry for kids that have coke and other softdrinks at that age. They will be picked on at school for having rotton teeth, their dental bills will be horrendous and they will probably have false teeth at a very early age.
Some parents just don't think or are not very smart.

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No way would I let DS have coke!

I think DS will probably be younger than I would like when he has his first drink of fizzy as DH drinks it all them time. But I would like to keep him away from all that stuff for as long as possible

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no way! all my bub gets atm is formula and water
Nope. I hope to keep it that way as long as possible.

I have a huge problem with soft drink myself and have a very unhealthy obsession with it lol so I tend to try and only drink it when DD has been put to bed or having a nap.

The only special drink she gets is a milo.
my bub gets nothing but her milk and water and that is all she will get to much much older. I refuse to give her watered down juice or cordial and def dont give her softdrink.

Ex Sil gives her kids watered down juice all the time and now her kids pretty much refuse to drink water without it. NOT GOOD
definately not.

my son is almost six and has tried but hates it smile

wheni was working childcare centre there was this child who had a mouthful of rotten teeth, i came to find out that is mum would give him ribeens straight up not diluted in water.

i reallt think some people should educate themselves a bit on health in general and also about childrens nutirtional needs.

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