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People that bring try and bring on labour before 40 weeks.

I can understand the excitement of bringing a new baby into the world and how after 40 weeks of being pregnant you just want bubs out but why do people try and force their baby into the world when it's not ready.

I know they consider 38 weeks as full term, but if 38 weeks was the "end" of your pregnancy how come when your over due they let you go to 42 weeks before they begin to induce you?

Not sure what the point is in this post, just a little annoyed as someone i know is 37 weeks and is beginning to try and force her un-born son out! <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

Sorry for the rant!! smile
I'm 24 weeks this week and I'm having bubs #3 at 39 weeks because of my history of emergency c sections. They will not do 38 weeks because the baby's lungs need to be ready for the birth as in natural birth.

You really don't want to see babies born before they are ready and fully developed so I agree that people who try to have them early are being silly just so they can see the baby asap.

Unless there is a real medical reason leave bubs in there lol!
Unless they are putting their hands in and trying to pull them out, I wouldn't exactly call it forcing. More like encouraging! I suppose as people near the end of their pregnancy they may be extremely uncomfortable, very sick, or just impatient for the excitement of having a baby! My first baby was induced two weeks early, but for a week prior to that event I had been going for lots of walks, driving over potholes and that kind of thing to help bring her out as I was very sick. My second baby I did the same thing in the last couple of weeks, she didn't come until she was due in three days though! My third baby I tried heaps of stuff a couple of weeks before she was due, and I was still trying a couple of weeks after she was due - she was a bit over two weeks overdue! And my fourth baby I was happy to let stay in there cos having three babies already was tough enough and I was in no hurry whatsoever! She was induced a week early because I had preeclampsia. Anyway, I learned that if the baby is not ready to come out, then it wont, unless medical intervention is involved, so even if people are trying to bring on their labour early it most likely wont work!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

I understand having a baby early because of health issues and needing to have caesarean, im having to have one myself.

But have always wondered why people do it, we always want the best for our kids and i think this should include giving them to best start to life by leaving them inside to develop more!
Who knows? They are probably the ones who give their kids solids early, and have to be in a race for them to do everything first IYKWIM. Makes you wonder why they just cant enjoy being pregnant and letting their babies be babies!
Fully agree...

I don't really agree with people being induced even at 40 weeks. I see it all the time - no reason, just that 'times up' and they want it out.

Obviously there are genuine reasons, like PIH and pre-eclampia etc, and that's definately fair enough.

I don't think there's anything wrong with excercising though. If it works it works, and the body is obviously ready if it does work. I excercised when I was due with dd, and she arrived on her due date. The excercise brought on constant braxton hicks and may have hurried it by a day or so - however if my body wasn't ready it wouldn't have worked.

I'm absolutely horrified when I hear of someone drinking castor oil - that's just playing with fire.

Eventually it WILL come out - no one is pregnant forever! lol (I wonder if I should read this again at the end of march!!! laugh)

I have to agree.

I think people also get sick of being pregnant too.

I think there still in there for a reason. When they're ready they'll come (usually). I can understand that occasionally they don't and need some help but to me, that's nature, they're still there for a reason.

I'm not talking about caesars or being induced due to medical reasons either. If there's a medical reason that's different.

With DD1 I was induced Due to madical reasons but I refused to do it until after 40+3 weeks and with DS I had a caesar due to him being breech and the doctor who usually specialises in nature breech delivery at that hospital was at a conference overseas. I waited until I was 39+4(doctor wouldn't let me go any longer) as I feel the longer they're in there the better.

With my first i just hope to get to 40 weeks since my family got a history of coming early.

With my second they did a c-section at 39 weeks. And i guess when i pregnant with no 3 they do the same.

I know you get sick of being pregnant. But i do agree with you about leaving the baby there until it's ready.

With my first pregnancy I must admit it I was getting over it at 39 weeks but never went to the extreme as some women do lol I just walked around the block with my mum I look back and it was awesome bonding time for me and my mum lol we went every night after tea and continued after dd was born when it warmed up smile
The twins tried to come early but were held off for ten days before they were via c section at 37 weeks they weren't overly tiny 5 pound each but needed the steroids shots ouch lol i never had a needle sting so much lol they were worried about the placentas becoming warn out , and they were horrid and very warn out the nurse said when i had them. so I'm glad I had them early who knows what could of happened if they held off till 38 weeks etc. the whole cod liver oil or what ever it is is dangerous and not needed they come when they wanna I have learnt and dd1s was the best labour so straight forward smile
I have to agree, I wasn't induced until 42+5 and people I tell are horrified. The most common reaction is "OMG why did they let you go so far overdue???" or "That's so dangerous!!"

People are a bit ignorant when it comes to these things I think.....
I had my DD at 40+4 days, went into labour naturally.

DS I was induced the day before I was due as I have gestational diabetes and was on insulin and they wanted him out before the long weekend, it was easter and they wanted to give him proper medical support.

With this one Im being induced at 38weeks at the latest, due to gestational diabetes again, on insulin again and that DS had shoulder dystocia and the longer the baby is inside the larger it will get, so I didnt really want to be induced early but it will be the best for the baby.

I know what you mean about first time mums, why be so impatient

I guess there are loads of reasons why people choose to try and induce or medically induce their labour!

The natural ways of inducing labour are old wives tales in my opinion and is just coincidence if labour starts soon after! I personally don't see the harm in it smile
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