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Why do they do it? Lock Rss

I to find it a bit scary than hospitals consider 40weeks over due!!

DS1 was born in a hospital and at 39weeks we were talking about induction blink I can undersatnd encouraging things to move along if your getting braxton hicks etc.

I know of someone who started things at 37weeks because she was simply over it. I can understand the fustration but I really dont think its safe and its scary when there are people uot there doctors/ middies/ gps etc that encourage it.

I had DD at 41weeks.... was so over it tho lol.... some ppl r impatient like those greedy ppl who just cant wait to open their xmas presents so they do it the night just b4 xmas day..... wait til xmas day like everyone else!!!!!! LOL


I guess there are loads of reasons why people choose to try and induce or medically induce their labour!

The natural ways of inducing labour are old wives tales in my opinion and is just coincidence if labour starts soon after! I personally don't see the harm in it smile

I agree most of the things you try don't do anything so theres really no harm, babies come when they are ready.

I was one of the people that did everything I was 41 weeks and my midwife started talking about induction which was very scary soooo i walked i had a hot bath sex drunk the tea used EPO ate a hot curry you name it i did it so im guess im on of the people this thread dislikes ahahhah
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