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am i the only one Rss

Their positive pregnancy tests.

Hubby found the one from my last pregnancy and i said yeah i keep it till we have our little blessing.

He said i'm weird and threw the pregnancy test out. He said will you do it for the next pregnancy & i said yeah.

I feel like if i throw it out that i'm jinxing the pregnancy.

Please tell me i'm not the only weird one that holds onto things like this.

i didn't keep mine

but people do keep them my mum has a memory box for my sister (cause she died) and in there is the pregnancy test from her pregnancy
i dont know if she kepp them from her other kids though
I keep mine. I have to get one for this pregnancy as i found out through the doc lol. I put them in the scrap books
I have kept my pregnancy test when I was preggers with dd...but not my ds as I was young when I had him.
Yep I have all of them smile Three from DS and two from this time smile

I have mine, and my ovulation tests! The few months leading up to us starting to try, my cycle decided to extend to a week longer randomly, and I ovulate late in the month so I bought a diary to track everything and was sticking the ovulation tests on the page, (I was very organised!). Turns out I needn't have bothered as we got pregnant the very first time, but still kept it all to show the Dr's if needed as I was paranoid and was positive something was going to go wrong or the tests would have been false positives.
Ive kept mine from both pregnancies, DD's are in her memory box along with special clothes, hospital bands, birth notices etc

Ill do the same when this baby is born : )

A friend of mine keeps the pregnancies tests from his 2 sons in his wallet (his sons are 8 & 10)

I'd feel strange throwing them out
I have kept my positive pregnancy tests from both of my pregnancies. Neither of my babies have made it, so I've kept the tests in memory boxes. It also helps me to see them sometimes, just to prove that my angel babies were real.

I am kinda weird in the fact that when I get a BFP I don't test again to check, most people do. I figure if your preggers, your preggers! I also don't keep the test, don't feel that attached or anything, but that's just me smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

I didn't keep mine, but I did take photos of them smile
I have 2 books for each baby that called the sticky journal. I won one when i had my first and love it. You write down every week what they do or little things they do and you got stickers that you can put next to each major thing. I've kept their things that the nurses tie around the legs with their names on it plus i kept the paper that the nurses write saying everything to do with them when they were born. I take photo's of both of them every week and film them every week. Plus every month you take a head shot photo and put it in a frame that for their first year. I got a book ready for the next baby & will get another frame for the next baby too.

Hubby laughing about the tests now. He just gladed i didn't keep all the ones i took in my last pregnancy. I took at least 20 tests causes i knew i was pregnant and i know now i was taking them too early to show up.

I didn't keep mine, but I did take photos of them smile

Same here, I got photos instead smile it has the date on it so I can remember the day I took the test and got a BFP!!

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