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What's for dinner? Lock Rss

Who's house am I coming to for dinner??
ha ha pretty boring here tonight but your welcome laugh laugh
we are having crumbed chicken and vegies and dunno what else i crumb the chicken myslef well with DS's help lol
LOL... i am coming to ur house for dinner... dont you remember???
I cant be buggered cooking im gonna chuck a pizza in the oven laugh
DF is cooking his rissoles, just boring rissoles you say? No! you wouldn't say that if you tried them....mmmmm

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

Nandos! .... I'm so excited to get out of the house! DD's having some slow cooked beef stew out the freezer before we go.. grin
Beef stirfry

We having what my sons calls 'messy meat' and i WOULD invite you over but chance are my son wouldn't be too inpressed with having to share his 'messy meat'.
(It's marinated chicken wings)

Haha... When I was little I called it "the chicken you're allowed to eat with your hands".... :/
Just a simple spaghetti bolognaise here hopefully dd will eat it she doesnt usually eat mince but has tried some out of my bowl the last few times so fx lol
Stuffed Potatoes I have been craving potatoes for weeks now!

Chicken Strog with potato gnocchi.

Feel free to join us but the cost of entry is dessert!

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You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

Steak, potato bake, corn on the con, broccoli and carrots!! Yum! Now here's hoping the baby will cooperate while I'm trying to cook it smile
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