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When did your AF return? Did it come back while you were still feeding, weaning or had stopped feeding?

Thanks smile
With DS it came back at 6.5mths, he was breastfed but had just started solids.
With DD1 it was 5.5mths, she was breastfed, and again, had just started solids.
With DD2 it was 4.5mths, she was exclusively breastfed.
Came back at 5mths, DS started soilds around 4.5mths

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

DS1 - 12 weeks, mix fed from 4 weeks

DS2 - 11 months, ebf 7 months, self weaned 18.5 months

Mine still hasnt... DD has been on solids since 4.5 mths & is combined BF/FF.. she is almost 6mths old
it came back at 10months i was still BFing he still fed alot
DD- Bf until 8months, AF never showed...i had bleeding on the mini pill then found out DS was on the way

DS1-Bf until 9 months with one formula bottle/day from 3months, AF returned around 6months

DS2- Bf exculsive now 3 months, no AF
DD - 7wks
DS - 8wks

Both exclusively BF!!! I felt/feel very ripped off!
Mine came back within the first two months of the first two, and three months of the third. All exclusively BF.
DD was bf until 19 months and I had af back about 6 weeks after the birth. Admittedly, although we started ttc when she was 9 months old, I didn't fall pregnant until 5 months after she stopped feeding.

DS is still bf and I've had af since about 6 weeks again ("lucky" me).

Mine came back when DD was 4 months old. She was fully bf until 6 months and I continued until she was 20 months old.
My DS was 7 or 8 months old and I was still breastfeeding
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