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Do you have ink on your shin? If so does it really hurt there? And how bad is it really getting your ribs done? On a scale of 1 to 10? 10 been off the ricta.

Also anyone that has got tattooed with numbing cream. Do you think it affects the quality of the tattoo?
Just asked DH... He said they arent too bad on the Ribs/Chest area (He has 2 there!!) & Shins hurt less!!! (He has 7 Tats in total & he said his Ribs/Chest were the worst & ironically the smallest lol) I have a big Tat from my left Shoulder to 1/2 way down my left side of my back & when the Tattooist hit my Rib area on my back I was in agony... But Im a chicken tongue

I've got my side done under my armpit on my ribs- didn't hurt too much, flinched a couple of times but nothing major (childbirth is worse).
the tattoo guy said flesh hurts more than bone - he said his knee cap hurt the least so I'm guessing shin would be similar, and fingers hurt the most due to nerve endings.
the one on my spine hurt more than the ribs cos it went out to the flesh on each side so that hurt. but I had pins and needles in my hand while it was getting done and that hurt a heck of a lot more than the tattoo.
sorry never used numbing cream, would probably pop a couple of panadol if I thought it was going to hurt that much.
pain level probably a 4 for mine.

Isnt it funny how people perceive (sp) pain differently. I found the fleshy parts didnt hurt but the bony parts were more uncomfortable.

My DH has one on his shin, he said it was uncomfortable but not painful. He found his lower back and inner bicep to be worse. Both my sister and i have them on our rib areas and again found them uncomfortable. There were a couple of times where they started to hurt, but once they moved out of that particular spot (as in moved half a cm either way) it was fine again.
I havent ever used the numbing cream for tattoos. sorry.
I have one (and its my only one so can't really compare it to anything else), that runs from under my breast down my side to under my hip. It was definitely bearable, I would say it was only painful once or twice. I think though its because I worked myself up so much that it was going to be blindly painful searing ouchy that it wasn't that bad, iykwim?? lol

I have 5, and my ribs hurt the worst! I actually had 2 tattooists and a friend holding me down while 1 tattooed, and in the end had to get someone else to take over because of me flinching. None of my others hurt at all. My flatmate thinks his ribs hurt the least out of his (all pretty large) 6 pieces. A friend has her entire side done, says it wasn't painful at all, but her thigh hurt. It really depends on you I think. The feeling of the needles so close to bone made me feel ill. Fleshy areas sting more for me, but bony parts ache.
Shin - don't know but dh said it hurt pretty bad.

Ribs aren't too bad but the more weight I put on the less it hurts haha. When I first started my ribs/ stomach I was a tiny size 6 and all skin and bone but now I'm a size 10 with a jiggly mum tummy its not too bad! The worst part was over my hip bones and the bottom of my breasts.
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