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If you won lotto (let's say a minimum of 5 million lol), what are the first 5 things you would do?

1. Pay out all our debts.

2. Buy the house we've been looking at (and keep the one we're in of course!).

3. Put a new roof on this house.

4. Get my tonsils out.

5. Completely renovate the new house.

Then I'd be ready for anything I reckon. After those 5 things come the hire a cleaner, hire a chef, regular massages etc etc stuff.

And of course we'd have to figure out what to give to friends and family. That's where it all gets tricky.

Daydreaming again grin grin
We all need a Lotto is mine.

ahhh wouldn't that be nice our debts too a house with lots of land

3.set up some great aviaries and gets some expesive bird like macaws and greys

4.set up a restraunt business to run

5.put the rest in high intrest savings to make it wrk for us

and you know the little things like buy new clothes and that knda stuff and set the house up with good apliances
1. Pay debts

2. Start a business

3. Build a house

4. Buy new cars

5. Shopping spree

Ahhhh that would be amazing! If only....
I'll also be needing a personal trainer because of all the food I'll suddenly be able to afford lol. I think there would be some serious eating going on at the start.
I want a little farm too. Lots of fruit trees.

I may even develop some hobbies too, that would be nice. Aaaaahhhh money lol.
Hubby and I were talking about this today. We decided on the following;

1. Buy a house - nothing to extreme! Just a night place on a nice block.
2. Pay off DH car and buy me one.
3. Put money aside for DD's education.
4. Put a good chuck away for our retirement
5.Put the rest into a high interest account, the interest to be used to take holidays
1. We would move away

2. Buy a big block of land & build a house.

3. Put money away for our kids

4. We go on holidays overseas.

pay our debt

give money to all our parents

pay our bills for a year

put the money into a high interest account and live off the interest.
(then eventually invest in a few areas to let it build)
Ooh! I would :

1. pay off the entire mortgage
2. give money to my sisters and parents
3. take the next 5 years off work and stay at home with my baby.
4. put $1 000 000 in the bank for a rainy day.
5. cut down the massive oak tree on my property without getting council approval, and just pay the $100 000 fine smile

Wouldn't it be nice smile

1. Divorce my husband laugh Would even consider paying him to leave me alone...
2. Buy a house down the beach near where my mum and dad are building
3. Pay for my mum and dads building costs (and make my mum retire, she works too hard)
4. Have somewhere for my brother to live so he doesn't annoy everyone and we don't have to worry.
5. Just live off the rest and not have to worry about my ex husbands financial hold over me, enjoy my babies growing up by the beach and chillax! Do some volunteering when the kids are in school.

1. Obviously pay off debts and car loans

2. Put money aside for the kiddies

3. Sell this house and buy our dream home

4. Start up some sort of mobile food van (like Fred's food van) but try to do it every second night rather than once a week. And I would pay off the huge $20,000+ vet bill that the local cat & dog shelter has aswell as buying a truck load of food for them.

5. Buy a British bulldog.. haha we've always wanted one but never seem to have a spare $3000!
Oohhh! If only!

1. Pay off the mortgage
2. Finish the house and buy all new furniture.
3. Buy DH and I new clothes and shoes.
4. Put a chunk away for DD and DS for when they are older.
5. Buy mum and dad a new house so they can move away from their halfwit neighbours. Buy my brother a house, pay off SILs and give the inlaws money to travel.
6. Donate to the two charities I used to volunteer for pre full time work/kids.
7. Put the rest in a high interest account so we can retire early!
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