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is this rude to you? kids and electronic devices Lock Rss

Yes, I do think it's a bit rude to play electronic games through a wedding ceremony and reception. However, I do think you over reacted a little. I think the man was quite nice to let your kid play with the DS. I would have let him play with it for 15 mins and then asked him to return it to the man and say thank you, rather than getting your DH to take it back, but that's just me!
I didn't take it personal. Hubby & i are gamers so are all our friends. Hubby is also a computer tech, so he into all things like that. So hubby & he mates spend alot of time taking about games and me & the ladies talk about babies & how the guy spend time talking about games.
Hubby does not play any game that is m rated. He got a few games that he plays like racing cars when the boys are around.
We also got programs on our computer to tech the boys to spell and count and little master is into that.
If we go to a wedding i rather them get up & dance and run around & play and mix with friends & family.

I hope you don't see these people alot.

Maybe next time you may say something to them, say thank you but no we like him to go off & play.

I would let ds & dd play with the ipad in the car, at the wedding i would only bring it out of the car if they were really bored. Chances are they would be running mad with the other kids. But if they were bored id have no problem letting them play it.
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