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Hi everyone smile

I am a Mum to a beautiful 4 year old little girl- and currently 26 weeks pregnant with my 2nd.

My daughter has been showing signs for a few months now of being "ready" to not wear pull-ups during the night ie; waking up with a dry pull up around 5 out of 7 nights of the week.

I need ALOT of help.. I am not sure if I am doing the correct thing- or even if it's working or going to work eventually. We have been waking her up a couple of hours after she goes to bed and taking her to the toilet- she seems to need to go around this time.

She will have a little bit of water with her dinner at around 5:30-6 and that's the last drink of the night. She is to go to the toilet before she goes to bed at 8. I would think that all the fluids in that 2ish hours would come out in that toilet session but having to need to go a few hours later is what's baffling me.

If I don't wake her up a few hours after she goes to sleep (around 11pm) she will wet the bed. Why was she waking up with dry pull ups for most of the week but now when I take her out of them she wets a few hours after she is put to sleep?

Am I doing the right thing by waking her, or is this a waste of time? She is such a deep sleeper I'm not sure if it's going to eventually help her or not.

Has anyone else had this problem? What do I do??

Please help!!

Thanks smile
My DS decided when he turned four that he didn't want to wear his dry nites anymore so he just stopped. He did have a couple of accidents so I decided to like you wake him up before we went to bed to go to the toilet. We did this for about a month or so but then decided to stop doing that. We just make sure that he goes to the toilet before bed. He did have a couple of accidents but hasn't had one for ages. I also wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing by waking him up but I do think it did help him in a way. I think I would continue to wake her up for a little bit longer then see how she goes when you don't wake her up.

Thanks heaps ladies.. you have helped. It is also good to know I'm not the only one going through this.. She was such an easy day time trainer- full trained at 2 and all I did was put her on her potty once and that was it! Done! This seems impossible right now.. I think I will keep waking her for another week or so and then see how she goes. Will wait after a few accidents and if nothing still doesn't improve I might buy the alarm. i am sure waking her to go has helped her somewhat so will have to see.

Thanks heaps!
Try not to limit their fluids purposely just so they dont have any accidents during the night. It can lead to bladder damage.

My daughter wears drynites to bed, same as your child she usually goes 4-5 nights per week without wetting it. I tell her that she can wear knickers to bed if she wants to, and tell her that if she does have an accident she has to wake me up so i can help her clean it up.

i found with ds that i kept him in the night time nappies for too long. he was day tt in a week and started to wake up dry in the mornings but i kept pulling the nappies on him at night. then i noticed that he would wake up dry but then do his morning wee in the nappy. so i got rid of it all together.

the only time we have had a wet bed is if we (and i mean dh) forgets to make him go to the toilet befor bed or if he has had juice in the arvo. he is a VERY heavy sleeper.

i let him have water whenever he wants and he even has a drink by his bed.

THis is the same as my dd and given what happened with ds i just stopped the night time nappy once she had the day stuff under control. i do the same with water and juice but dd is a light sleeper so she gets up and goes to the toilet during the night. we have never had a wet bed from her.

so i think you should just ditch the nappy and see how she goes.
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