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What do you think about the cost of child care? Lock Rss

Just curious. On ACA last night they were giving average prices in different states, SA was $60 a day which is what I will pay when I go back to work. In Sydney cbd it is $114 a day!!!! For most people it would not be worth going to work in Sydney!

What I can't understand is that these costs per child mean that child care centres are charging more than triple what my daughters private school costs. Yet what are we seeing? Poor conditions, underpaid staff and a sector that doesn't require much education to get into - meaning some people are not very well educated about caring for children, yet they get to look after mine and your children.

At my daughters school today the kids were using ipads in the classroom. They have a computer room and several tech rooms. These are all extremely expensive things to provide for a school, and if they can afford this and pay the teachers 60k + per year- how is it that childcare centres are run like they are?! When I worked in child care I was paid $17.50 an hour.... it's now around $18.60 and hour which is an absolute pittance.

It's disgraceful and it makes me furious. I don't see how this is justifiable.

ATM I pay $90.02 a week for my son to go to OSH (Like 1 hour a day!) and my DD is in Family Day Care and I pay $249.50 a week. These are both after my CCB.

When bub is born and I have to go back to work, I duno what I'm going to do coz I'm going to be working to send them to daycare. Literally! I may not go back... hubby has hinted that we need to think about things and see what we'd get from the government on top of his salary. Or I have to go out and find a higher paying Job :'( It's quite worrying for me sad
Bear in mind I can get my CCR paid directly to the carer every week so my child care will come down but still... it's a lot of money!!! Esp with a 3rd child.
I didnt see the ACA report.. But were these costs prior to centrelink benefits or before?
My before benefit/rebate cost is $73 per day.. all up I think I pay roughly $35 per day once everything has been taken out. I think that this cost is quite good. They include all meals (breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea) and nappies etc. I might change my mind on the cost when I have another kid and the price doubles haha

My signatures wont work.. wahhhh!

It's interesting that you compare it to primary school, I remember chatting to DD's prep teacher and she was absolutely fed up with people trying to force kids into the school system before they were ready for the simple fact that it's sooo much cheaper! What does that mean for the other children who's education is held back because the teacher is focusing all his/her attention on those that really shouldn't be there just yet?

I definitely think there needs to be more govt. funding for childcare (and kinders too!) however, it's a bit of a catch 22 as the cheaper you make it, the more likely you are to have parents putting them in care just because they can, (effectively letting the centre raise their children for them) and working / studying parents are missing out anyway. Maybe bigger rebates for working / studying parents? idk... it's a hard call

ETA: Ours is $78 / day (regional vic) before CCB (28.10 after) however they charge in 12 hr blocks which means even if he's there for 4 or 5 hrs, I still lose half my CCB entitlement in 1 day. Therefore if I can manage to go back to uni next year, it'll cost $56.20 per day for DS + bub (after CCB) then $156 for the 3rd and any subsequent days if need be. (plus after school care for DD) ... don't think I can afford that!

ours is $68 per day and due to go up because of all the extra training they apparently all need.

all i can say is thank god for the CCR. if that wasnt available to everyone then a lot of parents would be at home instead of working.

oh and just to add...dh and i thought we would NEVER be able to afford private school childcare has taught us differently. it will cos us less to send our kids to private school for 5 days a week than it does to send them to childcare for only 2 days a week. now THAT is a joke. there is no reason why childcare should be more expensive than private school given what each provides the child. they charge it cos they can and i think the government does do enough. it was originally only 30% rebate, now it is 50%
It's a hard one isn't it. It took me over 12 months to fall pregnant with DD2 but in hindsight I think I'm glad cause there is no way we could afford to pay for 2 in childcare at the same time. Last year ours was $75 a day, but went up to $83 a day this year. We are in regional victoria. Yet others I know are still only paying $71 or $75 a day. Not sure why ours went up so much! I do think the government gives parents enough help financially and that from what others have said childcare workers are not paid enough, however if wages go up wouldn't that mean our costs would go up too?
The fees are $95 a day at my kids childcare. We live in a capital city. I think that's pretty standard around here...nappies and food are provided by the centre but I have also seen similar fees for places that don't.
keeki wrote:
Well i only have one child and he goes to daycare 1 day per week.
Dh and i have been talking about me returning to work. I'm lucky enough that DH earns enough for me to stay home and just do all book work on fridays.
But last week i got a call from my old boss offering me 3 days per week work. It would just work out that i'm only earning a little bit extra after paying childcare and it's just not worth it.
The cost of day care is rediculous.

Thats what I think is so crazy about it. I looked into going back to work recently and looked into payments and things and we would of only been ahead an extra 30 bucks a week so not worth it at all. I will go back to work when DS starts school next year and will only have one lot of daycare fees. Where we are DS's daycare fees are $70 a day. Each room is different

The daycare I send dd1 to charges $80 per day. After ccb we have to pay $45. She goes 3 days a week and is doing her 4 year old kinder there. I checked with centrelink the other day and you have to work a minimum of 15 hours to be entitled to 50 hours of childcare. I'm going back to work in Nov and only wanted to do 12 hours. I would only be entitled to 24 hours of care which means I now I have to go back to 3 days a week. DD2 will be starting in Oct for 2 days a week.
I am appalled at how much we have to pay but what are you to do when you have to go back to work. MIL wants to look after dd2 1 day a week but I'm concerned as she has not been well lately and I don't know if she can manage.
I've noticed at the daycare centre where dd1 attends there have been a number of her teachers that have left and new staff have replaced them. It's unsettling for the kids as they become very attached to them. The govt needs to help and cap these costs, it's going to get out of control.

I pay $65 a day before any of the CCR or CCB's. This includes Morning tea and Afternoon tea. We live in a smallish rural town. It's not real small as we have 3 Day Care centres but in saying that you don't have to put your name down for months to get a spot. I think towns and citys that ere really under the pump with spots and are always full, are bound to charge more as people will pay whatever to secure a spot. Kinda defeats the point in working if you have to pay 120 bucks a day.

I think it's rediculous that DD is in child care for 2 days per week, 9am to 3pm- yet they charge us 12 hours per day as the sessions are 6am to 12pm, then another at 12 to 6pm.

Completely agree with the fact they're charging more than it costs to put kids in school. It's ridiculous.

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