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what were you doing at 16? Lock Rss

Sweet 16 (Or.. not so sweet! lol)

I had finished school and was out working in the hospitality industry. Lived out of home in a run down old house one of my housemates (a few years older than me) had just bought. Most of my hard earned money went each weeek to rent and alcohol and feeding the hoards of friends that crashed at my house! Spent most nights drinking and partying and then dragging my sorry arse to work early the next day with nearly no sleep (if any!)

I met and started going out with my now husband...even though i was having too much fun being free and single and flirty! Turned out to be the best decision i made.

Even though i had next to no money and had a pretty wild time - age 16 was without a doubt the best age of my life. I have absolutely had many joyous occasions and events since - but at 16, you're carefree and have no stress or pressures of life on you!

Grew up in a small town in NZ.
I was all about sports back then. Netball, basketball and vollyball with some swimming throwen in for fun. I was at school and worked part time washing dishes at a mental hospital 3 days a week whaen i didn't have sprorts to play. I was between BF's and didn't have much time for them anyway. I was such a good girl and never caused anyproblems for my mum and dad. Just cost them lots of money on sports equipment and trips. wasn't till 18 that I started to drink and party but I also moved away form home for uni then as well.

I was in Year 11, struggling to cope with the beginnings of VCE, but determined to stick it out. I didn't have a job, I didn't have any dreams (except for wanting to be a mum - people never took me seriously about that). I did have a huge crush on a boy (I ended up "going out" with him the following year for about a month laugh), so he took up most of my thoughts.
I also had an awesome best friend that I spent way too much time with - we understood each other like no-one else could. As a side note, we're no longer best friends, we're more like aquaintances now as, funnily enough, she didn't understand why I'd choose to get pregnant at 22, it was then that I knew our understanding of each other was no longer there - we'd become 2 VERY different people!

Ugh 16, one year I'd love to go back and change. It wasn't what it should have been. Met my first serious bf and 'love'. Had self confidence issues and was pretty depressed. Dropped out of college, got into drugs. It was a year I made some pretty bad choices that affected me for the years following. Feel so bad about what I put my parents through in my late teens. It wasn't all bad though, I still managed to have some good times partying and having fun with friends.

As much as I'd like to go back and change it, I wouldn't have learnt the lessons I have and I guess its shaped the person I am today so it wasn't all a complete waste although it would have been nicer if I could've learned those lessons an easier way! Some just have to learn the hard way! but as long as you learn and come out better off hey!
16 hmmm
i was living with my dad as my mum had kicked me out for "being to wild" (her words not mine lol), dating my now husband, doing a hairdressing course
closer to my 17th hubby and i got engaged and we moved out of home, got ourselves into a sh*tload of debt and i got my first full time job.

gasp wow oh wow!! i was a right mess now that i think back lol how i have changed grin

At 16 i was in year 11 studying my VCE. I didn't have a job but by then i was doing work experience at one of our local restaurant's. Was looking into hospitality as a career (didn't turn out like that, work in Age care know) I lived at home with my parant's all through school and didn't leave home until i was around 23 and only for a little while, thing's didn't work out well for me. I never had a boyfriend in school i was very shy around boy's and to be honest still am.
Never thought my life would turn out like this though when i was 16. Im very blessed to have a baby girl.
Duckie.M.B wrote:
Lol we mostly seem like a bunch of drunken rebels.......

Sweet 16 and never been kissed..... Sure......

Haha so tru;-)
When I was 16... Oh gosh... I think I had left school by then if I remember correctly.
I had a boyfriend, who used to stay with me and surprise surprise I fell pregnant not so long after that lol
I wasn't really into drinking or anything, took "e" a few times nothing major. I worked wit my mom at a Medi-Clinic as a receptionist on and off. Generally I was a good kid. Well I thought so anyway, but now that I read this I think OMG
Wow that was like nearly 10 years ago for me! eek!

I was still at school in Year 12. I was a nerd up until year 12 then I lost all interest for school. I was infatuated with a 21 year old boy who was just toying with me. Oh how much of my life I wasted on that scum bag lol. Didn't really go out too much as we lived in the back blocks of no where lol. But when I did manage to be let loose I had some wicked times and awesome memories. I loved drama and was in many shows that year at school and the local town theatre. I loved my friends, yet I harldy talk to many of them now. Oh how times have changed! I was generally a good girl.

And it seems all so long ago...

Wow this was like 17 years ago! scary! Ok I was in Yr 11/12 (turned 17 half way through year 12) I was pretty good girl - didn't have a boyfriend til in my 20's. Had heaps of crushes on boys though. Had a good bunch of friends. Learnt to drive on my mum's 1970's galant!

Know its an "oldish" topic but when I was 16-

Was in year 10
Got my first casual job as a checkout chick, actually started working on my 16th bday
Lived at home with my brothers and parents
Started going to a couple of parties but like someone else said I saved my "rebellion" til I was 18-22ish!!
It was the year before I met my first love, did have another boyfriend around then and did some naughty stuff but also still had my V plates lol...until the next year hehe.
Was a good kid at school and got good grades, was such a goody 2 shoes haha.

At 16 I was a devil child! My life revolved around partying and drinking... I did have a boyfriend who I sson relized was no good for me. Luckily I had an amazing father who made me stay in school and do something with myself other then partying and drinking. As for work I didnt start working untill I finished school when I was 18
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