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lol so who is one and who isn't Lock Rss

haha - LOL
not me... i would die without my f/b account...
I'm obviously a psychopath grin

This is hilarious/ ridiculous lol when I go back to work and start applying for jobs I better get an FB account!!

I also am one without a facebook account. I think that makes me very clever rather than a pyschopath.

If facebook is used so readily to judge people (worthy of a job/dating/friendship etc) how is that a good thing? Besides they've obviously not heard of sociopaths who would surely be clever enough to "blend in" by setting up a (fake) account?

RIP Muffin. 25/06/95 - > 09/05/14

Lol my former employer googled me before i started and found a few things I didnt really want him knowing about lol.. and then he told everybody. Didnt stop me getting the job though.. smile
Unique1 wrote: rediculous so who do I have to watch out for on here lol smile

Well, you'd better look out for me! (insert evil laugh).....
I have FB... Only keep it to MSG a couple of friends on there now n to show photos of the kids... I don't update statuses or nothing lol. Pretty private in that regard! smile

Phew...I was beginning to think I might have some psychopathic tendencies in me, but I use facebook, so all is well with my mind. happy
haha well those 2 people were not psychopaths for a start - they were both mentally ill.

I have a facebook for non-social purposes only - as in, I deleted all my friends list and have a newsfeed full of articles from Liked pages. My partner did the same.

I agree that a lack of social media is possibly linked to being socially absent; I guess it just isn't normal anymore to not have some kind of social media use.
Well I guess we're damned if we do have one and damned if we don't. Because having facebook can drive you to insanity some days!! tongue

Well that means I must be married to one. Dh doesn't like fb and no amount of me pestering him to open an account will make him join up, lol

Well, I must be a psychopath and I probably wouldn't be happy working somewhere if they thought that facebook was a terribly important part of life. lol So I care, not a jot!
Jas. wrote:
What a load of BS.. roll eyes There's alot of crap on newsites..why can't they report REAL news!

people don't want to hear real news....wink
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