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Money saving tips please .... Lock Rss

DH has been offered a job that he would really love & he hates his current job, but it's less pay. I like to think I'm pretty frugal as it is so have no idea where we could save money. So ideas please, apart from below.....

- already turn off lights, powerpoints etc
- only go out for tea couple of times a year
- we buy grocery items in bulk when on special
- DH rides to work unless it's raining

Also, I'm not prepared to stop putting $25 per week into each DD's bank account and each of our super accounts. We do pay higher than required on our mortgage but I'd rather not drop that.
check out the stay at home mum website ( it has heaps of great money saving ideas and tips.

Maybe rather than cutting out the payments into your kids accounts and your super you could reduce the amount and look at topping it up when you get tax returns and so on.

We also swear by our spreadsheets. We can see at a glance what money is coming in, what bills we are expecting and so on. We even budget for birthdays and so on.

At the end of the day money isn't everything and you will adjust to the amount coming in smile
Our big money savers are buying cleaning and household products in bulk at big w. And I do our grocery shopping online so I always know exactly how much I'm spending.

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