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Have you gone to see a paediatric dermatologist?
My DS was not scratching at his eczema (but it was on his torso & thighs, so being winter it has been covered & he couldn't get to it)
I initially saw my GP, but everthing he told me to do/prescribed wasn't helping at all, so I got the referral to the paediatric dermatologist & i am about 98% the way to having it cleared up.
The paediatric dermatologist told me to do the following:
Only use QV wash on hands/feet & genitals (I will wash elsewhere as needed) & has 30sec-1min showers (now that he has cleared up, he can tolerate about 5mins in the bath & we only bath a few times a week, the rest is showers). I use a product called dermeeze morning & night to mostourise the skin & he prescribed a cream called Advantan. I had to use that morning & night for 10 days, have a break for 4 days then repeat the process as needed. I only used the Advantan for abour 4 days & since then have only used it a few times as his skin starts to react.
Ds only had mild eczema, but I would definently reccommend seeing the paediatric dermatologist, my appt cost $180, but they do specialise in this area & inour situation have been well worth every cent.
I saw a pediatric dermatologist too. We have advantan fatty ointment. Nothing else was putting a dent in it. His is also diet related, so he had the prick testing. I have low allergenic wash powder, keep him cool, natural cotton clothing, no sandpits, few preservatives/additives/colours, and moisturise and wash with QV, or curash if rashy. Hope she gets better. Also try to wash infrequently. Hard I know as kids get messy... I have dermatitis on the hands in times of stress, I use diprosone.
You might have to go back to the doctor and get a script for Elocon cream. It's stronger than sigmacort. I find that with dd1 sigmacort doesn't do anything for her. She had mild ezcema on her legs recently and only Elocon cleared it up.
It might be a good idea to get a referral to a dermatologist to see if it's an allergy. smile

Oh your poor little girl sad Excema really is horrible, I suffered with it as a child & still remember how horrible it was.

I'm not sure how old your DD is but when my 5yr old DD's excema has flared up I give her a dose of childrens Claratyne overnight for a couple of nights until it clears up a bit, it really helps reduce the itchiness. Also, have you tried Moogoo products? It's available at healthfood shops & some chemists, they have a "Excema & Psoriosis Balm" which I also found is very helpful, no doubt you're not keen on putting cortisone creams on your little girls skin for prolonged periods of time.
Skippy And The Greek wrote:
Doctor prescribed 1 Hydrocortisone 1% Cream
Chemist gave us Sigmacort 1%
Can't find where i put the Health Shop one at the moment to see what that one is.

The Dermatologist we went to said Sigmacort is best for the face! This is what my GP told me to use for DS & it did not help at all.

Oh & like PP has said, no fabric softeners & use OMO sensitive for washing clothes.
We took my son to the Pead Derm. The best thing he said was the Advantan Fatty Ointment. It is a strong Cort Cream though.

I know you wanna try natural but seriously something that aggressive needs something more. Avoiding the trigger is the best thing, but once you have a flare up you need to treat it.

Just remember also that Cort. creams are like antibiotitics. Follow the doctors advice to a tee, don't just stop because it looks better otherwise it will return.

Big hugs to your little chick, and hopefully she can get some relief soon!
Poor little possum. My DS had it really badly and carpet was one of his main triggers (Not sure if the fibres, dust mites or both?), as well as perfumed products. DD1 has intolerances to soy and cows milk and perfumed products which flair hers. Hopefully DD2 has escaped it but she's only 12 weeks old!!
Anyway, Like others, after visits to GPS, Paeds etc. and using cortisone (elocon and sigmacort) when really bad, we use OMO sensitive for all clothes and bedding. No perfumes or perfumed products. I found the QV was actually made DS's skin worse as did Alpha Keri.
Oats in a stocking in the bath is great. Avoid her getting too hot. Have you tried cotton gloves on her hands at night over the top of moisturiser? I'm not sure where to get them that small though.
Other things we use and find helps is constant moisturising with a perfume and colour free sorbolene with glycerine and a base cream (perfume and colour free) mixed with hemp oil. We also use Dove extra sensitive body bars - even on their hair.
On a side note, do you ever use wipes on her hands? DS and DD1 both react to them except for the Huggies newborn extra sensitive ones - which you can't get anymore!
Good luck, I hope you find something that works.
My ds suffers fom bad excema to the point it bleeds and gets infected. He saw the pead again last week who has now referred us to the children's hospital for allergy testing, she did say however the mistake people make with the Celestone s they don't use enough, you really have to smother it on. When you bandaged her hands did you try wet bandages? I can't do links on here but google it if your unsure, also when I bath him i
Add a cup of vinegar to the water which held take the itch out. Good luck it's so horrible For them, my son wakes up crying and scratching during the night, he is 5 now and it's not getting any better.
Looks exactly like what my son suffered with since he was about 3 months old. Its horrible & I tried every cream with nothing helping. It was all over his back and face too.
I came across a cream called miracle pearl cream ( and I have never looked back. It got his eczema under control and now finally at 3 years old he has out grown it with it flaring up on the odd occassion. That cream was the only thing that provided relief from the itch & also we would have weeks sometimes months of clear skin before it returned. Its expensive & only comes in a small jar but so worth it to give some relief.
For those suffering from Eczema
I found Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream or Aveeno moisturizing cream for eczema.

Apply a moisturizer within 3 minutes after bathing to “lock in” moisture.
triggers and avoid them.
Use a cool mist humidifier in dry or cold weather.
To minimise itching use cotton clothes avoid rough, scratchy fibers and tight clothing.
Take lukewarm baths and showers, using mild soap or non-soap cleanser
Gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel – do not rub.
When possible, avoid rapid changes of temperature and activities that make you sweat.Learn your eczema
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