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I almost hit my Lock Rss


He was over along with MIL. We where downstairs with the boys.
FIL said i hope he doesn't throw rocks into the air. Next minute little master did and we said do not throw.
FIL went over and smack little master on the head and hubby told him do not hit our son. FIL threw the rock over the fence near our driveway.

This upset little master, i went over to calm him and FIL smack him on the head.
I yelled do not hit my son and i think it's time for you to leave. FIL said he threw the rock and i smack him. Then FIL hit me and i yelled do not hit my son , don't hit me either and it's time for you to leave now. Hubby saw FIL hit me.l

I grab little master who was scream crying and ran upstairs. I calmed him down.

MIL told hubby that i over reacted and FIL never touch him.
Hubby said he should not have hit or touch our son.
I said he did hit our son and your mother couldn't of seen it since she was almost behind me.

This was the first time he ever throw a rock. I know he shouldn't of thrown anything incase he hit his brother or himself with it. But i'm so angry with the inlaws.
Hubby ask me is that the reason why little master scared of his dad for. I said yes ever since he was 18 months he runs away from him.

Now i waiting for this how thing to be my fault has usual.

I talk to little master and he promise he never throw anything but a ball anymore.

I don't know why i writing this. Just wanting to see if anyone else would of re-acted the same way has i did.

yes i would have reacted the same way. Hitting your son over the head = child abuse and hitting you = assault. He had no right to do what he did.
What a f-wit !!! angry angry

He had no right to lay a hand on either of you.
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You did so well to not hit him! I'm sure it was hard but you set the right example for your son by saying don't do that then getting away from the situation.

Becky+1 wrote:
You need to do something about this - that your fil hit your son and then you is unbelievable - and in feont of your dh and sons ?!?! Violence is violence please do not allow this to continue
Ps. And I am going to have to ask but what nationality is fil? I know it doesn't matter but sounds like he comes from a time/nation where they believe tha this acceptable where it isn't

He is Austrian both him & MIL are.

i wouldnt be sitting around for anything. your inlaws smacked your kids across the head twice and then hit you. they would be gone. and if my dh tried to talk me out of it, he'd be gone too. it is NOT ok, i dont give a shit who they are. no one should hit your kids and no one should hit you. please please please get rid of this negative influence in your life!!!! there should be no thinking, waiting or anything, they should be gone!
hey there sorry to her that everything went pear shapped that day
I guess its hard because there family I would talk to hubby and just say I cant just leave it at this
and yer if you want them to be in your life they will need to admit he was wrong and apoligise
then maybe if you decide to move on you can

I've told hubby tonight that i want nothing to do with his family.

Hubby was with our younger son keeping him away. He said he will speak to his father and tell him he has to say sorry to both of us.

I will not be speaking to FIL at all, he knows what i think i let that all out this afternoon.
I told hubby his father was luck i didn't punch him.
I don't like fil in the first place.
FIL ask me ages ago why little master doesn't like him and i said because the way you are with him. I said don't touch him & he may come to want to be around you.

I talk to little master while we where in the shower when i said FIL name he hug me and look sad.
If MIL brings this up, i will say that i want FIL to stay away until he knows what he did was wrong.
I don't trust FIL and both the boys have never been left in his care or left alone when he around.

The inlaws already hate me & this will make it even harder on me.
I know one thing what FIL did was the biggest mistake he has ever done and he will never get to be near them again.

My_little_dazzler wrote:
Holy crap I would have absoloutely let rip with them. That is ONE Thing I would not tolerate and to be frank I would never EVER let them be within 50 feet of my children or myself.

What a bloody disgusting thing for him to have done!

I hope youare both ok now love xx

I'm not alright. I feel like cr&p.
I'm very protective of my boys & feel like i have failed little master.
We just got him to stop annoying his brother & this happens.

My mum knows what happen cause she the only one i can talk to and she upset.

sad gbh, that's absolutely horrible, your poor boy and poor you.
There's no way I'd want to have anything to do with him after this either - even after an apology...he's definitely crossed the line.
I'm so sorry this happened to you.

Don't you feel guilty about this, this is your FIL's fault, NOT yours.
I would have hit him back.
I would also have nothing to do with him again.
Big hugs.

Of course its not your fault, how could it be? Im confused as to why your hubby did nothing when his father hit your boy twice and then you! They would be thrown out the door in a second by Df if that happened to us. I would be getting pictures of the red marks from the hit/bruises as evidence tbh and never letting them near yous again till FIL takes some anger management courses and can admit what he did was wrong. Hope you get things sorted

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