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One Thing I Have Noticed After Having A Baby Lock Rss

It's funny though isn't it. I stupidly thought once I had dd1 that my stomach would be gone. I had no idea I would still look 6 months pregnant and how it wobbles, lol.
With dd2 because I had a c-section every wobble also killed.
Nearly 18 months later I've resigned myself to the fact I will always have a spare tyre. grin

Isn't it awful. My mum told me casually in conversation a while ago that my aunt had told her I was looking good, and that I'd gotten really fat there for a while. I flipped out - it was only 4 months since id given birth and she was saying Id been fat??? Well of course I was!!!! Duh! I'd lost 15kg in that time, but even so if it weren't for having a baby I wouldn't have had any weight to lose in the first place.

Don't worry skip, the whole world is an asshole. Lol

I've been asked if I already had my baby!!! That was when I was 38 weeks!!

And I made a HUGE mistake once when I was about 17-18 and I walked past a gurl I knew in school and we said hello I pointed to her pregnant belly and said "you know thats gonna hurt right?" To which she answered "I had the baby five days ago"
I was Soo embarrassed and sorry.
In my defence though she was so huge she could have been onto mum. Poor thing. And she gave birth at 30 weeks and the baby was in perth so not with her.
Who am I kidding? It was an awful thing to say!

With dd I didn't have a round tummy, just thick and wobbly. I had massive water retention so maybe that masked the roundness?

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Huge amount of spelling mistakes! Sorry.

***17-18 years old
Just so it makes sense.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Don't worry skippy.
I'm still carrying the weight from having both the boys.
After we have the next baby hubby going to help me get fit again. I use to love walking but haven't got the time.

I keep wondering what my belly will look like once bubs comes. I know it will never be the same again for starters I seem to be getting more stretch marks every day.
Oh well I'm happy to pay this price for our family.

Coopee wrote:
Oh the joys I have to look forward to and Noddy don't feel too bad one of my ses instructors told me she asked one woman when she was due as she had quite a prominent belly and the woman said 2 years ago! The shape of her tummy never returned to normal giving her the perpetual pregnant look. Nai glad to see I'm not the only one feeling whale like hope these last few weeks of work go fast for you.
Skip I hope my belly does the same as yours otherwise I'm never going to be able to fit back into my old clothes.chalys does your famil not realise you need to put on weight to have a baby? Lol as my DH says I'm getting good fat and I'm sure you look gorgeous.mum of 2 gorgeous girls I'm sure your spare tyre is worth it with your dd's. 2 littlebs they say it takes 9 months to put on so theres nothing wrong with taking 9 months to take it off don't know how she didn't make the connection that you had a newborn with you though lol

My family are all nurses, and all mothers so they do know. I think they forget how little time has past. And putting on a bit of weight is fine, but 10kg is the recommended maximum. I'd put on 15kg before I stopped weighing myself a couple weeks before he was born an it showed in my face and arms. Felt disgusting actually!! With dd I only put on 5kg, this time I lost the plot.

Thankfully it fairly well fell off and I'm back to pre baby weight and some extra has come off too. Im trying hard to keep it on now so that i can breastfeed for longer. Just that everything is loose an floppy, which my husband comments on, so we can't win really!

When my youngest was about 6 months old I ran into someone from work and they looked at my stomach and asked when I was due. Could of DIED!!! I think I put on 18kgs with my first, lost about 10, then put on 13kgs with the next one. I also got hit hard with stretch marks - some of them are about 1.5cms wide! I had a c-section for my second so add that too the stretched out saggy skin and I have a permanent 'apron' on, despite the fact I'm now in size 6 jeans! Bloody lucky my kids are cute smile

Just be like "hellooooo, my boobs are up HERE"

Oops i meant eyes.

Skippy And The Greek wrote:

Bloody men.I could go on and on about that subject. My jackass Husband (love him to bits, he's a great fella, a real good man generally) had made a stupid comment a few days ago about my body. He ont be doing that again. Ripped him a new one. I figure when i did a horrible 9 months, when it was ME that did the labor and it's STILL ME that does EVERYTHING for and with this baby and all he contributed was an orgasm of which i didn't get, just him, he has no right to comment, make demands or say anything about how i look, how my attitude might be postnatally OR how i am raising my bub OR the state of this house. He just has to sit back for the ride and enjoy the love and kisses from the kids because daddy is always fun when mummy has to be the stern bad guy because she's got to do the discipline. BAH. MEN!
I'm the same as you. I'm going to miss having babies, breaks my heart thinking Sami is my very last baby. That i'll never get to experiance that first love again. But i don't think my body can cope with another pregnancy. Well, realistically it COULD, but the damage would be worse to it. And mentally, i don't think i'd get through another pregnancy without a straight jacket fitting sad

Amen sister! I wish I could put that so eloquently into words to ditch at my husband!

He was telling me in the first 2 weeks of birth that I should be doing sit ups. I nearly spat out the information about tummy muscles not having met in the middle and causing permanent damage by exercising too early. It didn't stop him from mentioning it 3 more times in the first 6 weeks either. Tosser! They really do have the life. Goodness girls I've spent a life time trying not to feel resentment toward men for how unfair life is and it's all undone now. Lol

think im fairly lucky with hubby one this one, he always tells me i look great, even when i know bloody well i dont lol but its nice to hear and i love him for it.
as for the baby weight?? god im so not looking forward to it this time round! with dd1 i was back to 60 kgs in about a year, felt great, then i had dd2 who ended up being a week over and 9pound 5. i stopped lettin them wiegh me when i hit 90kgs. i lost some but not all as i got very sick afterwards. then dd3 i didnt put on as much ( thank god ) but still enough. was sitting around the 80-85 kg mark. tummy is awful lol not a lot of stretch marks but the spare tyre is there, its gross lol.
hope you all lose the weight you want or tone the areas you want and feel heaps better!!

Lol skip that cracked me up!

The weirdest part is she says she only 70kg and doesn't even look 8weeks pregnant... Considering you only need a certificate if over 28 weeks that seems quite odd that he would ask her!

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