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Anyone have a cpap machine? Lock Rss

Are there any recommendations for what to look for when buying one? Dh has diagnosed moderate sleep apnoea and was told to lose 10kg and then reevaluate from there. He lost about 4 kg but is eating well and not losing any more. To look at he's not fat... Just had a slight pudge to his belly which is almost gone now... And I think we'll end up having to buy a cpap as its illegal to drive trucks without treatment once diagnosed.

I don't know what it's like to wear the mask and what we need to be looking for. All I know is that it's going to cost way more money than we have! Dh is going to hate having something on his face when sleeping... However if it stops him from snoring it'll be a huge relief for me too and we both might sleep better.

Also, are they subsidised by Medicare?

I'm sorry I have no suggestions but you just made me think of that Simpsons episode where homer was wearing the mask to stop snoring & it played that song sweet dreams!

my dad has one and all i know is he had to buy it from a hospital/medical supply shop and it was expensive.

my mum said that it stopped him snoring but the sound of the machine and his breathing were just as loud!

sorry i wasn't much help lol

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My dad has one. When it was first suggested he might need one he flatly refused as he'd heard the horror stories but the newer machines ar much quieter. It's hard to get used to the mask as you can't really toss and turn with it on over your head but it really helped with his sleeping and he wakes up much less grumpy and has a lot more energy. I'm pretty sure he got something back from private health but not sure about Medicare.

Hmm. We aske about a trial of a machine at a chemist yesterday and it was $600 a month to hire with a minimum one month hire. About 2 grand to buy one, which is 'cheaper' in the long run.

Lot of bloody money! I was hoping there would be some kind of payment plan option where you pay it off monthly.

I've heard the new ones are really quiet. I just don't know enough about the different brands etc.

Oh gosh I didn't know there was a difference with humidifiers etc. they haven't made recommendations yet as to what he needs. His saturations were getting down to 80% and was holding his breath up to 30 times in one hour. All up the 'snoring events' calculation was over 2000 per night!! Lol

His little bit of weight loss has made no difference, and I can't see it making a difference either seeing as he's not actually fat.

Thanks for the link I will have a look.

In order to get the best machine and mask to suit him he really needs to go through a sleep clinic. Once you have an overnight sleep study and they diagnose sleep apnea you then go back and have another overnight study where they trial different masks and pressures. You then get a 'prescription' for the sort of machine you need. That is all covered by Medicare except for the hospital bed so if you have private cover it is the cost of your excess.

There are a lot of different machines for different reasons. Mine is fixed pressure with a humidifer. You then rent the machine for a 2 month maximum at $150 per month. During that time you go back to the sleep clinic to download the chip from the machine and get reports on if it working that you take to a respiritory specialist. You can trial different masks during that time and the centre will help with any other issues. It took me 3 tries to get the mask right for me. It is like a small clear nasal plug with tiny straps to go around my ears so it is very comfortable and not very 'medical' looking or intrusive. I travel for work a lot take my machine with me as it is very portable.

The cost of the rental is taken off the final price which is around $1600 wtith the mask. My sleep clinic's prices are cheaper than anywhere on line and you get ongoing support for free and a free replacement if it needs to be repaired. I would be very wary of buying one without a sleep centre's support as you be stuck with something that doesn't suit. It takes time to get used to it and find the right mask so you need their advice and experise.

I have very severe sleep apnea and the difference CPap has made to my life is amazing. I have 10 times the energy I used to have and can think much more clearly. A lot of people with sleep apnea have depression because life is such a struggle when you don't get proper sleep. I was waking (unbeknown to me) 86 times an hour so I never went into REM sleep and at times stopped breathing for more than a minute. It happened so much that DH thought it was normal. Imagine if someone constantly woke you as you were sleeping. It takes a toll and increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. My advice is don't delay and get it sorted ASAP. Google sleep clinics to find one near you. Good luck!

Thanks iziani. He has had one overnight sleep study and a follow up appointment where they told him that the first step is to try and lose 10kg, and if that doesn't work it'll be onto a cpap machine. It kind of felt like they kicked him out the door and didn't really care as we've been left with a 'well what now' kind of feeling.

Might have to make another appointment. I didn't realise there'd be another sleep study to find the right machine so thanks for that info, I took it that if the weight loss didn't work we had to chase up a cpap machine ourselves which we know nothing about!

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