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I know this has been done to death but I desperatly need gluten free ideas for lunch boxes. DD is slowly being weaned back onto dairy. she will not eat G/F bread, chocolate, most sweet things, fruit based muffins, popcorn, biscuits. She loves fruit and is currently fussy with veges. She normally has yoghurt (either soy or normal) and fruit in her lunch box. she eats so much at preschool that she has a separate box for morning tea!
I have the same story. Like the post.
My DD is gluten free and here are some things she likes:

Eskal crackers with butter and vegemite substitute or ham and cheese.
Boiled egg
Baked beans
Tuna cans- corn and mayo flavour by John West,
rice crackers, hommus, carrot sticks, cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes
Rice cakes (the round ones) with ham/cheese/spread/tuna etc
Quiche slice - she likes ham and spinach
gf pikelets, either the buttermilk packet ones, or I make banana flavoured ones and freeze
This one doesn't sound kid friendly, but mine love it :rice, tuna, can of tomatoes, peas and grated cheese. (The cheese makes it, so not sure if you're not having dairy) We have it for dinner, then left overs for lunch.
Fried rice with whatever I can find: egg, ham, peas, corn, tamari (gf soy sauce)
Sushi if you're clever enough to make it (not me sad )
Yeah, guess I'm lucky that DD will eat most of that stuff. She has a good appetite, so if she didn't she'd starve. She's also gotten better with age, (she's just turned 9) so maybe time will help.

Thanks hippo mum, we have the vegemite substitute.

For snacks what about rice wheels or flavoured crackers like cheese or chicken flavoured delites..
We get GF museli bars, LEDA have them or Go Natural do nut ones. I've just discovered Lamington Bars by Golden Days, they are mostly dates with some coconut and chocolate in it. DD loves them.

I find the sandwich substitute the hardest. Good luck with it.
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