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Where are the old members... Lock Rss

Umm since 2010? Is there a spot on our profiles we can look?

Umm, since May-ish. Sometime after DD was born anyways, not exactly sure when... So that would be 5-ish months...

ive probably been around on and off for 6 years. dont post much anymore but often pop in and have a look

mum to one goregous boy

I've been part of huggies since Oct 2007, just after DD was born. I've always had the same user name and have had the same profile picture since sometime after Sept/Oct 2009 (photo was taken late Sept lol).

I first joined up back in 2007 but have cancelled my membership a couple of times and usually just read posts smile
I joined when I had DD1 in 2005.
About 5 years...give or take

I've been here for a long long time. I think around 2007 i joined but didn't start posting until DD1 was born so 2009

I've left once a few weeks ago just because I spend too much time on here

Forever, for always and no matter what

I joined in June this year so about 5mths grin
Just realized I broke 1000 posts yestie which I hadn't realized... Yes I'm slow tongue

joined when i was pregnant was DS but didnt realise there was a forum until a month ago. so been on here for about 10 months but only contributing for about a month. smile

Almost 5 years, but under a few different names whenever I felt like a change smile

Aka G&L smile

about 2 1/2 years I think. More a lurker at first and posted more in the last year and even more in the last few months.

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