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Not a fan of the later shrek movies either!
Just put dd down for a nap, now I'm able to have some lunch. Need to get into some tidying up too. My mums coming to stay for a couple of days so need to make the spare bed and pick upmthe kids toys from the spare room. I'm 1/2 way through a good book, just not getting much time to read it atm so may sneak a bit of time for that before the cleaning while dd is still sleeping smile
im sitting at work, rubbing my belly and reading the huggies forum grin

Sittin on my bum wishing the rubbish would put itself in the bin & out on the street. Luckily made a huge pasta bake last night- it'll last into next week! Woohoo no more cooking

So exhausted after DDs swimming lesson today, i forgot how squished your lungs get when you get fat! 8 weeks to go!!

I am browsing the internet waiting for the next 7 minutes to go by so I can rinse the dye out my hair lol
lol we love shrek!!! but yes i think the original of any trilogys is always the best... me and bub are getting everything ready fro swimming lessons tommrowo as well as a half a day at daycare smile would like to get to know some mummas out there so please dont be shy to say gday smile
I am sitting here, watching The Block, cruising the net, avoiding study and trying not to be sick! Uugh. If no BFP for me in a few days, who knows what's wrong with me!

I really should do my study (Real estate) but the internet and The Block is overpowering...

Thx, I'm crossing everything! And Yes it is much more important ;p;, as it means I can change jobs! I have spent the last 3 years studying, finally finished my qualification in Sept, and here I am doing another one.. lol Call me crazy

Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
I'm watching the news while DH does the dishes grin

Dd has a cold so I am hoping she is going to sleep ok tonight, she has been in bed for an hour but she doesn't seem settled although she is asleep.
DDS3 also is sick with a cold,We didnt sleep last night and now he has been asleep for 3 and a half hrs.Poor little man.I am currently suppose to be at the dentist getting a tooth pulled out that somehow has been neglected over the years.Its a back one so you wont be able to notice that it has gone.My son was booked into daycare so I could get this done but I obviously couldnt send him.
I'm gonna go take a bump photo. Time to join the bandwagon. Stay tuned wink

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