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That most inductions end in c sections?

My doctor doesn't want me to go past my due date so she has recommended a s&s next Wed and if that doesn't help she wants to induce me between 39&40 weeks... I really don't think I want to be induced, in fact I'm really scared of the idea. I know I can refuse to have it done but DH is on my case saying I have to do what the doctor recommends so now I just don't know what to do if I don't go into labour naturally before 40wks...

Any advice would be great grin

Thanks for the replies, my doctor wants to induce me by due date because of the size of my last baby and the size that they are estimating this baby to be. My kids were 10 & 9 days late and she thinks if I go that far over again the baby is going to be massive and may cause me problems... I have a growth scan on Tues so will see what's happening then but given that I have birthed a large baby (9lb12) naturally I feel confident that I can do that again...

It's so hard to know what choice to make you know, I dont see a big baby as being a reason for induction but then I don't know if it's going to cause more problems than what an induction may cause, I really don't want any interventions vacuum/forceps etc!

An Australian study, from earlier in the year, found that induction results in a 67% increased risk of c-section, a 64% increased risk of baby ending up in NICU, and a 44% increase in baby needing treatment of any kind than women who go into labour spontaneously...which IMO is huge. So really you need to weigh up those risks with why the OB doesn't want you going past your due date.

I'm all for taking what your health care provider suggests on board...but not blindly doing something just because they are an 'expert' and you're not.

I don't know the actual statistics. Yes, induction increases the risk of intervention including assisted delivery, epidurals and pain relief. You need to be aware of these risks, but don't be terrified off them either. You need to weigh up what is best for you and baby. My next bub might be induced early because of size as well and the way the doctor explained it to me was that if you'd already had a vaginal birth and they go to induce you and your cervix is nice and soft or starting to dilate then the induction will probably be very easy and successful. On the flip side, if they go to induce you and your cervix is rock hard and unchanging then you have a much higher rate of induction failure. So perhaps you can talk to them about getting an internal done and making decisions from there. The thing I am most cautious of is artifically rupturing the membranes - if they start the induction process but your waters remain intact, if it fails you can stop trying to force it and give it a few more days. However if they break your waters then baby ideally needs to be born in the next day or two and therefore you are forced to continue along even if your body is not responding to the induction.

Plenty of people will terrify you about induction but you need to make the best decision for you and baby. If left to go naturally, you might end up with a very large baby who cannot be delivered vaginally and may end up with severe tearing or worse shoulder dystocia. It's a tough call to make, one that I am already panicking over and I'm not even in a position to need to decide yet, so weigh up all the consequences and risks that are applicable to YOUR scenario and try not to compare to other people's experience. My cousin had an induction with her second and it was a breezy 4 hour labour with no complications and no pain relief, so it's not always a negative outcome!

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I was induced with my first and had an episiotomy. Good luck with everything, hope she arrives soon for you!

I was induced with both my dd's. There was no further intervention or drugs and I was home in two days with the first and 24 hours after my second.

I don't have experience with any other type of births, but I went into it as positively as I good, expecting a good outcome, and it all worked out just fine.

I was induced with DD1 at 41 + 4 - No c-section, just a quick birth and 2nd degree tearing due to shoulder dystocia. However my labour with DD2 was just as quick, no induction needed.

Goodluck with everything : )
I have had all 3 of my children via inductions as the first 2 were staying put and my 3rd I had GD and none of my inductions ended in any c sections or intervention. I had a small tear after my first and again with my 3rd. I did have complications with my third but that was due to bubs been severely wrapped in his cord not the induction. From what I have heard I wish I had at least 1 natural labour to compare with however I still ended up with 3 healthy children so thats not important. None of my 3 needed any special attention after their births either they were all very healthy. Good luck it is always a worrying time but just think so close to meeting your little one

Thanks for all the replies smile

I have my growth scan tomorrow, so will see what they have to say about the size although it's not always accurate I suppose!

Still unsure about being induced, I have decided to wait it our until my due date though and will then make a decision and go from there!

Not long to go now at least, so over being pregnant laugh

hi! i havent read all the replies but this is my story!
I had 2 spontanious labours and then ds3 was an induction.
The induction was so much faster (although it was more intense)
ds1's labour lasted 47.5 hrs
ds2's lasted 23 hrs and
ds3's was only 3 hrs
I had no medical intervention and no tears
It is different for everyone though i must say i much preferred the induction (i have drug and gas free labours and the less time in pain the better if you ask me lol)
Good luck and hopefully your little one descides to come a day or two before the planned induction.

I was induced with my two youngest. DS2 was induced a week erly due to me experiencing contractions while he had an unstable lie (so fear of cord prolapse) and DS3 was induced 12 days after my due date.

DS2 was a vaccumm assisted delivery (as was DS1 who I went into labour spontaneously with) and DS3 was born way too naturally after they decided it was too late for an epidurl and they took the gas away from me because I passed out on it.

My understanding with the increased risk of intervention with induced labours is because they are more intense and therefore women are more likley to opt for epidurals which in turn lead to an increase in interventions. That makes sense to me because I had epidurals with both DS1 and DS2 and they were vaccuum assisted where as DS3 was born without further intervention (despite my begging tongue )

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