My 12 year old DS has just been tentatively diagnosed with this through the urine test only & I'm in the process of getting his identical twin diagnosed as well.

I found out about this through another FB page where a mum was going through something similar to me. We were told that DS had ADHD when he was about 10years old. I had my reservations [it had been a long hard road up until then] & started him on meds. Nothing worked sad hence we took him off everything. Anyhow another mum posted about the same thing happening to her & a another mum again told her to get her sone tested for Pyrroles as it is very similar to ADHD & Austism etc. I researched it & alot of the 'symptoms' were both my boys over & over. I took this info to my GP who was very supportive but knew nothing about it.

We managed together to work through QML & get the correct urine test which came back highly positive. My GP has now done some research etc & talked to other GP's & he has suggested I see a specialist about 1 1/2 hrs away. I dont mind the travel to see him but again its going to be big bucks [EG $300 for ONE blood test] x that by 2! I'll pay the money quite happily but after 10 years of spending thousands upon thousands at therapists & specialist I'm a little more skeptical.

Can anyone who has dealt with this please give me any advice etc? I know that it has to do with Vitamin B & Zinc etc but I also am aware its not just a matter of dosing them up on these vitamins.