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It's been a really long time since I've been on here, but I'm hoping that others might be able to point me in the right direction. My daughter has had a huge growth spurt over the past few months and has skipped a size in clothing. We went through her winter clothes and she has nothing for winter, so now I need to buy her a whole winter wardrobe. She is now in size 8 - 9 but as she is only 6 years old alot of the clothing in stores looks too old for her. Any suggestions of some online places to look. I don't mind if they are not in Australia.
You could try Next, the Gap and any other stores in the Northern hemisphere as it's winter there might even manage to get some stuff on sale. Sometimes they do deals for free international shipping too. Keep an eye on sizing though as European/American are different to NZ/Aus sizes.

Stores are only just started to get winter stock in so before you pay a mint for postage wait and see what is available. Sorry but what does she need for winter.....Jeans, Trackpants, Long sleve shirts, Jumpers etc. They are available everwhere once they get all the winter stock in. If yu are looking for something special sure go for it.
stock childrens brand name clothes and post australia wide.
prices seem good. might be worth a look or ebay.
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