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An update on how me and baby boy Ciaran And the other kids are going :) pics included! Lock Rss

Hi all smile *waves*
As u have maybe noticed I haven't been around at all for a bit! Haven't even had a chance to read! So update me?? How are you all going? Any news happening? smile

As for us, well Ciaran is in SCN so no longer in NICU and all we're doing now is trying to get him on all suck feeds n over 2.5-2.6kg to come home! He's currently on 5 suck feeds n only 3 via the NGT n should be on 6 suck feeds by Friday! He had a weigh in yesterday at 36weeks corrected gestation (16 days old) and he is 2.49kg (2490g) so officially 90g over birth weight! grin and he's also grown a whopping 3.5cm in length since birth so currently 46.5cm long! His head circ was 32.5cm at birth n now 33cm smile
He's growing very well and feeding so well for his gestation so the nurses are very very impressed!!
Not much else to say I guess lol. I'm Very tired and drained from the constant back n forth to hospital with a full on 2.5yo DD haha! But apart from that I'm ok. DD started daycare today (she'll do Mondays n Tuesday's) n loved it so I'll get a nice break n one on one with bubby boy 2 days a week. N she loves the other kids at the centre so it's good for all of us xx
DS finally has his bronchoscope booked in for 6th February. Which will HOPEFULLY give insight into why he gets pneumonia n other problems all the time! Fingers crossed anyway!!

Okies well here are some pics!
This is when DD Rhi got her first cuddle! He was 9 days old....

DS2 Ciaran at 13 days old quite wide awake!!

DS2 Ciaran at 2wks old (last Saturday) after his first bath! Also in his first wonder suit 0000 which is still sooo big on him!!!

DS2 the cheeky bub ripped his tube out for 3rd time in 48hrs on Sunday (15 days old) so got some pics without it in!

Glad it's all going well, he's gorgeous!

Just gorgeous x smile's me..Blee wink

So beautiful! Hope you get some rest soon hun xx

My goodness hun he is so gorgeous, im glad things are going good for all of you and you'll have him home soon. It's a wonderful feeling when they finally have those tube's taken away, i remember with DD the morning i went into SCN and they were taking them out, it's such a relief i jumped at the chance to take some photo's holding her finally without being connected to machine's. Try and get some rest hun ( i know it's very hard ) but were all thinking of you and your little one's. xxx
Hi v,

I was just wondering yesterday how you were going. Glad things are going well and ds is growing.

So good to hear he is doing so well! Your DD is adorable, love her eyes! Ciaran has such cute little chubby cheeks smile

Hope you get him home soon.
He is so cute. I am glad he is going ok. Take care of yourself. xx

Aw he's gorgeous and so is you DD smile Glad to hear things are going so well for you guys.
He is so cute.
Glad he doing better.

Naaw he's gorgeous. Glad to hear he's doing well. I was actually going to start a thread tonight asking if anyone knew how you were, but you beat me to it smile

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Gorgeous photos, Ciaran already looks like he has a bit of a cheeky little grin in some of the pics. My DD ripped out her NGT a few times & I too jumped at the opportunity for some pics of her little face without the tube in!

Your DD is beautiful too & looks like a proud big sister smile
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