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Who has a food processor? Rss

I've never had one and am thinking about getting one.
I do have a Kenwood mixer, but hardly use it.
I like the idea of grated cheese and carrot for lunches and grating vegies to hide in the dinner.
Do you use it much and do you cook things you wouldn't if you didn't have a processor?

My other option is one of those Jamie Oliver homecookers, which has the grating tower, and a pot which self stirs and cooks and steams. Bit like a very basic version of the thermomix.
I have one but its only a little one. Using the grater is. A pita Though. I use it to make truffles with dried fruit, crushing biscuits, and finely chopping veg, I also have a few othsr recipes I use but because its small up have to do it in 2 batches. Also breadcrumbs.

Mine just sits in the cupboard!

I have a stick blender which I use for most things and it also has a small attachment which I use if I want to make fresh beadcrumbs etc.

I just can't be bothered pulling it out of the cupboard. It would be quicker for me to just manually grate it and for other things I just use my stick blender!

I love mine! I use it quite often for sauces, mashed potato (it comes out so creamy and yum!), crushed biscuits etc etc. It's such a good way for me to get veggies into my kids, the sauces turn out delish grin I got one that swaps over with a blender as well that I use every day for smoothies smile
I just got one for Christmas, so haven't used it too much yet.

I always chop vegies real small to go in pastas and curries, so I've used it for those kinds of things - saves me a lot of time and I've used more vegies in the dishes as I do have more time (does that make sense?). I also made coleslaw with it.

I want to also use it for pastry's and things like that, but my oven's not working, so I have to wait until that's fixed!

But, so far I love it grin
Yep I have one. I use it to make things like meatballs and rissoles and to crush biscuits and to make oat & apricot balls for my son. Also like Athaye, for cutting vegies really small to hide in sauces.

Like Alecrist mine also has a blender attachment and I make smoothies almost everyday in it for me and my son.

Great to hear what people actually use theirs for. I know a lot of these appliances "can" be used for a whole heap of stuff, but that doesn't mean people DO use them.
I hadn't thought of meatballs or apricot balls, my kids love those, and they are just too time consuming to make them too often.
The Magimix sounds great, gets lots of great reviews too. Wonder if I can talk hubby into that one! It's still heaps cheaper than a Thermomix smile
Off to the shops tomorrow I go.
Tori-93 wrote:
This is such a great post, i was thinking of buying one so it was so good to see what others used theirs for smile

I'm wondering why I didn't buy one when I had my first baby. I think I thought it would just my blender. If only I worked out about all the vegie chopping and grating.

Now I just have to work out whether to get a cheapy (about $150) or the lovely looking expensive one ($550)
I do have one for my youngest and one for everyday dishes. I bought a baby food processor in order for me to prepare my baby’s meals as fast as possible. I have one for my food business.

You can check this site if you want to get one:
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