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I have all mine,however i got all 4 of my molars (i think theyre called the 12 year old molars) taken out to avoid getting my wisdoms out. My dentist said that wisdoms only hurt because they have no room so taking the molars out gives them room and is easier to do and less ouchy! Only the local injection hurt and i told them to hurry up and pull the tooth out and they told me they already had pulled it ages ago smile i would reccomend it,not sure if all dentists do it or even know about it though.

I got al 4 of mine out last year . Honestly it hurts but only a couple days after dont be afraid the drugs they give u are so gud . Icant remember a thing its kinda like labour hurts then and there but2weeks later cant remember any pain hope ths helps

I had my bottom two out with sedation in theatre. Mine is a bit of a horror story so I don't think you want to hear about it. Consequently I have two at the top that should be coming out and I just keep putting up with it. Lol

Btw its perfectly fine to leave them in there if they're not causing problems. Mine were causing a lot of pain so that's why I got them out.

Had all of mine out when I was a teenager; would have helped had the last one not been really impacted so I woke up while they were taking the damn thing out! But of course couldn't move or otherwise indicate that I was awake at the time! wacko wacko To be honest, that was probably the worst part of the whole thing..once they were out it wasn't too horrible.

I had mine out in the chair with "twilight sedation". You're not totally out, but everything is fuzzy and afterwards you don't remember. I have a vague, dreamlike recollection of getting in a cab, but no recollection of the procedure. I felt a bit ordinary with puffy cheeks and saw jaw for a while, but only I was just so relieved to have it all behind me...they'd been bothering me for ages.
I had three impacted wisdom teeth out under general anaesthetic, it wasn't very nice, took a few days to recover from sad

Gosh some of your guys stories sound scary sad
Ive had to have 5 of mine taken out. One with each pregnancy exempting my last 2 as I learnt to dose up like CRAZY on calcium by then.
I only had the needle and it hurt as much as a prick in your arm would. The only thing I found uncomfortable was the price and the jiggling they do to get it out after your teeth are numb.
Soooooo wonderful when its out... seriously think tooth ache is more painful then birth. Lol

I don't have any. Not sure why, a dentist a few years ago who did an xray for something else told me. I feel lucky reading these comments lol.

I have/had 5 wisdom teeth, I got 4 taken out in my late teens and the X-rays showed a fifth tooth upside down in my gum which they said would never come down. But it has so it is growing sideways out of my gum, I'm going to have to get it taken out at some point but its not doing any damage as yet

Aka G&L smile

Had all four of mine out in one go, went home and ate corn chips! It's not all horror stories! If you're worried just ensure you're seeing someone who is able to give you at least some light sedation. Or heavier if you think you'll need it.
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