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not predicting anything at all but hand foot and mouth has hit in nz and that is similar to what it looks like.... has it hit aus yet?

poor little man. hope its not to uncomfortable for him
I don't think it hand foot and mouth, my youngest had it & it look nothing like that but every child is different.

Has he touch something new, sometimes that can cause a reaction similar to that.

Oh goodness doesn't look nice at all poor little thing, i would take him to get checked out Hun. I don't remember hand foot and mouth looking like that but who know's. Hope everything goes alright and that it's not to painful for him.
Is it hurting Him or does he have a temp or anything?
I wondered if he has had chickenpox or the vaccine... Possibly want to rule out shingles?

I'd be inclined to get it seen to also smile
Did he give him some phenergan or another anti histamine unique? He needs some..

That is just ridiculous, how about prevention rather than waiting for something to happen. They should not expect you to be responsible for recognising the signs of serious reactions.

Have you got any children's claratyne or phenergan at home?

Or as a last resort the night time pain stop has phenergan in it..

That doesn't look viral to me its angry and red which is a sign that there is something really irritating his skin. Give him some claratyne... And don't let him get too hot tonight as that'll aggravate it further.

If his lips start to look swollen you need to take him back to hospital.

My little guy woke up at midnight looking like this one took him straight to ER and they gave him a dose of stdroids and phenergan. It had cleared by morning and it was gone all day. The next morning he woke up looking like a puffer fish with one eye swollen shut and the other barely open. Took him straight to dr who puthim on phenergan and steroids for 3 ddays which cleared it up. He hadn't eaten anything different and has never had it again thank goodness. Its so scary seeing them like that. I cant believe the dr gave you nothing for it! Hope you get to the bottom of it and your little man is better quickly.

How's he going Unique?

Any improvement?

Poor little man sad

How's he doing this morning?

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That's ok unique, long as he's still breathing! smile is it looking less red?

That's great... I wonder what caused it, was he outside at all yesterday?

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