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Frustrated :( Rss


I hope you get to have a sleep today. I hate that feeling of being so tired you want to cry. Hang in there hun! smile
Yep bad night here too! Dd woke at 3am and was awake until after 5am then ds called out to me at 6am as he's got a cold then dp gets up for work at 6.30, so that was pretty much it for me sad
I reallynfeelmyour frustration as she had a really great night the night before and greatvsleepsnyesterday so in theory should have slept really well last night. The little whippet is bright as a button this morning too! I'm certainly not though sad
Here's to a better night tonight girls smile
Big hugs to you. Hope you get some sleep today & tonight a better night.

Aw that's awful sad hopefully when Em goes to school you and Noah can go to bed and sleep together? Good luck today x

Darn teeth! I'm glad its not only my child doing it after some sleeping aid or school was used.

Mel+2, do you feel your son has reverted back to old ways now home or has the technique they gave you still working?

mel,I must be going crazy as I had an idea/suggestion to post and now I can't remember it at all.I must be going out in sympathy with your sleep deprivation

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hope he has a good rest for you Mel and he has a better night tonight. Hopefully it's just his teeth, maybe give him a dose of panadol if he seems in discomfort from them maybe . Big hugs hun xo

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