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just had the ex visit Lock Rss

Haya, so my girls father, the homewrecker and their baby came up over the weekend to see the girls/introduce the baby. I have been stressing about it since i found out they were comming (two months ago). To my suprise, it went really well. There was no resentment or anger, we even had them around for a cuppa. im so glad it was a stress free visit and now i dont have to worry about future visits smile
Mel+2 wrote:
Oh glad it went well. Still must have been hard to see them but its great for your girls smile

it was hard seeing the girls and their dad crying while saying goodbye. They love him so much and he them. Thinking back that he chose her over us is hard but were in a good place now and the girls understand our situation.
Night_Shade69 wrote:
Good on you for doing the right thing by your kids even though it was hard for you. So many people will not even try. I'm glad that it went better than you expected and hope it stays that way. X

Thank you. We had been together 8years before the affair so we knew if anything was to happen, the girls would always come first.
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