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Just starting my own thread from the 5W one Lock Rss

Congratulations OC, She's so perfect!!! I have been thinking about you, I thought you would have gone AGES ago!! lol Good luck with name picking! xx

Congrats oc!
What an absolute darling!
Congratulations mamma!

I am kitty wink

She is so cute.

Good luck with choosing a name.

We've already got our little girl name. Hubby lost on the first part but he won with the middle name.

Oh my goodness she is precious beyond words. Congratulations and rest up!!!
Beautiful smile
Congratulations hun on the birth of your Beautiful Little Princess. She is Perfect smile xxx

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

Congrats OC what a lovely little baby girl you have

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

big congrats and welcome to the world lil girl.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

Thanks everyone. Xxx Am attempting to add a couple of pics and will try to do a birth story before she wakes up.
ok..birth story is probably easier... lol

basically, had prelaboury stuff since about 38 weeks. strong to painful braxtons, felt like I had gastro, felt like the braxtons were in my bum. She was head down from 25 weeks and fully engaged for 2 weeks.

On saturday, I felt sick. Couldn't eat much at all. Lots of braxton hicks and walking was quite hard to do. (naturally we were birthday present shopping)
Sunday morning woke up and had some bloody mucous. This continued for the morning. Had the odd bitey braxton but it went away when I moved and only happened if I was doing something quite physical like moving the lounge or wooden posts.
I had very irregular cx later in the afternoon, but could do stuff through them so they were pretty mild. At around 7 I had a couple of stronger cx, that I just went on my hands and knees for - but could still talk through them. They were very short though. Maybe 20 seconds if that. We put the kids to bed and dh set up the pool. . At around 8 they just started being a bit stronger and a bit more regular, still very short though and I didn't need to breathe through them. I let the midwife know and she said to let her know once the kids were asleep and she would come down. (she lives around the corner) At about 20 to 9, the contractions were getting stronger and faster and I was needing to concentrate. The midwife let us know she was on her way at about 5 to 9. Just before we got her message, the cx stepped up a few notches and got a lot more intense very quickly. I had pillows piled on the lounge and I just bit into them and growled and used them to support my body so I was on my hands and knees but pretty upright, if that makes sense. The midwife got there at 9, I had 1 contraction and she said if I didn't get in the pool now, then i would probably miss my chance. i didnt want to move, i didnt want to get in too early and i was still fully dressed.dh and the midwife tried to undress me but i told them not to touch me. i had 1 more cx and i could feel her start moving down, so after that i stripped off quick smart and leapt in. grin
it was interesting with this one as i felt this stage was more full on then my other 2. the cx were more intense, but i had no pushing sensation whatsoever. dd1 this stage was a relief and it was slow and gentle, dd2 i missed it entirely as she was a fingernail away from crowning when i realised i was at this stage, but dd3 i felt every bit of it. i could feel her head and it was like it was in a bubble. She was born at 9:13.
thats all i have time for atm!!!
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