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Not much happening! Lock Rss

It seems quite a bit quiet today.
How is everyone? What's everyone been up to?

I'm hoping I'm not just talking to myself wink
I'm busy washing pooey undies as have just started toilet training my youngest. Saturday I had to wash 4 pairs, yesterday was 5 pairs, today I've just done my second lot. And of course she seems to get it on her pants too so I'm having to wash every second day so she doesn't run out of pants to wear!
Cleaning up poo hey? times wink
You're poor little/big feet sad Don't miss that part of pregnancy! When is your due date?

I wish it was 31 here!
Eeek...good luck with that Tinks! Are you hoping to go somewhere close to home, or far away?
I've been a busy little bee this weekend, went to the market yesterday Joey loved it, they had horse rides and she loved seeing the horses, we stopped at a local girls store while we were there and i bought Joey some gorgeous handmade clothes, two dresses a pair of shorts and a skirt, beautiful quality clothes and well made. Then we came home and i re-arranged Joey's bedroom so it's more toddler friendly, she can now get to everything and her cot is in a better place.

Today I've been in a cleaning mood so vacuumed the whole house, put some washing on and now i'm sitting having a rest. I'm actually thinking about getting the Christmas decorations out so i can start decorating the house, god cant believe it's that time of year already, very excited.
We had my Brother and SIL visiting for the weekend. They left after lunch today. So I'm enjoying the peace and quiet. The noise with 4 boys was quite deafening grin They also have 2 boys. The boys had fun but we had the usual sharing/turn taking type issues. They love each other though so that's great. Not much on for the rest of the week, just the usual but I have to get cracking on all my market goodies as it's in 2 weeks time. I've finished the ones for mum (my Brother was taking them back for her) so just the ones for our market here to go.

I'm getting so excited about Christmas too, almost time to get out the advent calendars lol!

Hey! Haven't been on as much as I want too. I'm soooo tired this afternoon. DD2 chipped her front tooth at daycare on Thursday! It's only so tiny you wouldn't notice, but took her to the dentist today and they freaked me out saying that eventually the two front teeth might die and discolour! I'm so devastated sad It doesn't even look like any things wrong with them so maybe she was just trying to scare me? I hope the dentist is wrong. Apparently it happens 6-12mths after. My poor girl sad

This is what it looks like

Oh I hope so.

Be careful, Daz. You'll get withdrawals!


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